Celebrate Your Photographic Prowess w/ the 50.6 MP Monster Canon 5DS R


Capture Extraordinarily Sharp Details, Use the Extraordinary – Canon 5DS R Puts the “R” in Really Riveting Results

The details make the difference, whether your area of expertise is landscape and nature photography, portrait photography, photojournalism, what have you. Boasting the highest resolution full-frame CMOS sensor in the history of the EOS line, just like its twin sibling the 5DS, Canon 5DS R takes acutance and fineness of detail to the next level with the low-pass filter (LPF) cancellation function. Specifically designed for photography connoisseurs, Canon EOS 5DS R is a winning combination of cutting-edge features, sky-high resolution and cancelled anti-aliasing filter effect that facilitates fiercely sharp and impeccably detailed images even in the most challenging situations.

Canon 5DS R Main Features

– Low-Pass Filter (LPF) Effect Cancellation

This innovative, much-anticipated feature is basically what differentiates Canon 5DS R from its twin 5DS. The optical correction method represented by the low-pass or anti-aliasing filter works by “blurring” the incoming light in a way that all frequencies which are beyond the Nyquist frequency are removed from the image. The upside of this corrective method is that it reduces the possibility of chromatic aliasing such as moiré and color artifacts. On the flip side, it does require a specific sharpening process so as to visually restore the image following digital capture. So the reduction of chromatic aliasing comes at the expense of pixel-level detail. With the LPF effect cancelled, dramatically more and sharper detail is captured and retained in the image.

– Record-High 50.6 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor and Dual DIGIC 6 Processors

Capturing 8712 x 5813 effective pixels. the cutting-edge 50.6 MP sensor works in conjunction with dual DIGIC 6 processors to deliver exceptionally realistic images for rapturous results. These two impressive features make Canon 5DS R a real high-resolution beast with top-tier performance.

– 61-Point High-Density Reticular AF and Fine Detail Mode

It’s all in the detail and Canon 5DS R leverages its CMOS sensor’s high-res capturing strength with an all-new Fine Detail mode in “Picture Style” that lowers contrast settings and minimizes the camera’s Sharpness subsettings and threshold to bring attention to fine edges, textures and patterns. Incorporating an impressive 41 cross-type AF points, Canon 5DS R’s incredible AF system is extremely sensitive to changes in composition, thus allowing for extremely fast and precise AF. Coupled with the ultra-advanced iTR Intelligent Tracking and Recognition system, the camera effectively maintains AF precision.
– In-Camera 1.3x and 1.6x Crop Shooting

This convenient crop function significantly enhances the camera’s subject tracking ability with nearly the entire frame brimming with AF points. Image cropping can be either displayed in the Intelligent Viewfinder II or the image is cropped by the effect of your choice in Live View shooting. Additionally useful in extending the range of the telephoto lenses, this cropping feature which increases the shooting effect 1.3 times as well as 1.6 times makes the camera just perfect for still photography.

– Other Key Features of Canon 5DS R include: built-in specialty controls such as bulb timer and intervalometer, anti-flicker function for improved accuracy under challenging lightning situations, ultra-advanced mirror vibration control system for even sharper images, Full HD 30p movie capability with a time-lapse movie feature, iSA Intelligent Scene Analysis with an 150,000-pixel RGB + IR light sensor for improved speed and accuracy, anti-reflective 3.2-inch ClearView II LCD Monitor. Quick Control screen and more.

The Pros of Canon 5DS R 

1. Taking full advantage of its gigantic, 50.6 MP capturing power and the full-frame CMOS sensor’s heightened ability to distinguish incredible fineness of detail among closely positioned elements of a composition, Canon 5DS R enables discerning professional photographers to show off their perfectly realistic and realistically perfect images for countless high-end applications ( e.g. fine art, nature and wildlife, crops, large-scale commercial printing and many more.

2. With the anti-aliasing filter effect disabled, this exceptional DSLR camera leverages the genuine solving power of its sky-high resolution sensor, facilitating and maintaining dramatic pixel-level details that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Canon 5DS R is thus ideal for commercial, landscape and any other genre of photography that scrutinizes pixel-level details and thrives on extremely sharp images.

3. With its anti-flicker feature that makes it easier to capture images close to the point of peak brightness, Canon 5DS R enables improved exposure and delivers impeccably accurate images even in highly challenging lighting circumstances. The camera also makes it easier to shoot clouds drifting through the sky or flowers bloom by offering tie-lapse fixed point shooting as well as long exposures without needing a remote control. Thanks also to its built-in bulb timer, Canon 5DS R is perfect for night photography.

4. Canon 5DS R provides you with the ultimate in fine detail and edge sharpness at your fingertips. through not only disabled LPF effect, but also incredibly sharp and consistent AF with the RGB+IR AF sensor as well as focus modes dedicated to specific shooting environments and situations. This camera proves to be great when shooting any type of scene, yet distinctly shows its unique merits in specialized, situations, with a vast dynamic range and crucial subjects ( e.g. detailed landscapes). In these cases, nothing beats the satisfaction of getting extremely sharp and detailed shots right there in-camera. 

5.Canon 5DS R makes photography magic happen, from spectacular in-camera cropped shots which are made possible with a lot of resolution to spare ( aspect ratios can be defined, with the camera shooting in 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and the default 3:2) to specialized situations where time is of essence. With its high-speed continuous shooting ( up to 5,0 fps), speedy image processors, advanced mirror control and shutter mechanisms, fast-action dynamic shots are easy and convenient to capture for phenomenal results. 

The Cons of Canon 5DS R 

– The ultra-high resolution CMOS sensor of the camera produces large files. While this might be an inconvenience for some photography pros, these files are technically superior, with drastically sharper details than smaller resolution sensors.
– Due to LPF cancellation, the possibility of color artifacts and moiré is increased. Nevertheless, the razor sharp and superbly detailed images delivered by this camera remain priceless.
– The pricing reflects camera body only; lenses are sold separately ( be sure to choose the right lenses in order to get the most out of the camera’s record-high resolution and LPF cancellation function).

The Bottom Line 

With its incredible suite of high-tech, unparalleled features, Canon 5DS R makes an offer that no photographer extraordinaire can’t afford to refuse – Unleash your creative genius and fiercely add unrivaled drama to your critical shots with the finest edge sharpness and extraordinary details that make the difference in your work.

Our final verdict is that Canon 5DS R offers exceptional value for the money and is definitely worth the investment, especially when your specific applications require the finest details and sharpest images that a professional full-frame camera can possibly capture in specialized, challenging situations with critical subjects.

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