The Nikon D3500 Review: All you need to make a difference in photography

The D-3500 is one of the best DSLR cameras by Nikon and offers a wide range of great features as compared to its predecessor, the D-3400. Being an entry-level-camera, the D-3500 is designed for those new to photography and also the professional DSLR hobbyists. It is available in two types. One with the lens has a focal range of 18mm to 55mm and the other with two lenses having a focal range of 70mm to 300mm and 18mm to 55mm. The camera was released on the market in August 2018 and is all newbie photographers need to better their photographic skills.


• Lenses: Nikon F-mount (Interchangeable)
• Type: DSLF (Digital Single-Lens-Reflex)
• Sensors: 24.2 Megapixels (MP)
• Constant Shooting : 5 frames-per-second (fps)
• Screen: Fixed display, 3.0 In, 921K dots
• Battery: Li-Ion (Nikon EN-EL14a)
• Connectivity: Bluetooth
• ISO / ASA range: 100 to 25600 
• Video: 1080p (Full HD)
• Auto-focus : AF, 11point

Features and Design

As compared to a mirrorless camera, the D3500 by Nikon is thicker and sturdier. Its great thickness is due to the incorporation of the powerful lenses and also the optical viewfinder. For a DSLF, it is incredibly smaller and commendable. It is also lighter than its predecessor. But it is thicker on the grip. This is probably because of the huge lenses. The size of the grip, unlike D3400, makes it fit on the hands perfectly and balances the camera especially when working with heavier or longer lenses.

It is 30g lighter and 6mm smaller in depth as compared to D3400. More specifically, it weighs 0.871 pounds (i.e. 395 grams) and measures 124 x 97 x 69.5mm in size. The camera is similar in design with Nikon D-5600. Most of the features are also the same. For instance, the sensors and the video resolution. Also, the size is exactly the same. But you may want to choose the D3500 due to its lightness and long battery life.

The camera can take about 1550 shots before draining the battery. It is also easier to carry anywhere since the lenses are collapsible.


This camera is pretty good when it comes to shooting due to the continuous speed of 5fps. Actually, it has the capacity to capture about one hundred images in a single continuous shot. However, it is not recommended for fast moving activities like sports. Most mirrorless cameras can be faster in this situation if the only speed needs to be a necessity.

The exposure is perfect and avoids showing dark spots on the camera. The white balance is automatic and also okay. In live-view-mode, most cheap DSLR cameras work in contrast autofocus when utilizing the rear screen. This makes them a bit slower. With, the problem is fixed in. The Nikon D3500 works perfectly due to the AFP kit lens and shows no signs of these problems. It is made quieter and much faster when working in Live-View mode.
The optical viewfinder is clear. It is also nice and gives color in high accuracy.

Video and Image Quality

The output quality of this type of camera is higher than most people would expect. The sensor is excellent having over 24 megapixels. This does not disappoint in any way when it comes to the quality of image and video. The images are much detailed and can be compared to those shot by very expensive cameras.
To enjoy the most out of these cameras, you need to invest for the one with two lenses. This will guarantee super quality images with very high resolutions.

Enjoy the world of photography by simply purchasing this camera.

Nikon Z7 has it all for you – Don’t be left out

Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera is a very big deal! It is dominating this increasingly popular and lucrative area of the camera market. It is a high-end full-frame camera that will that targets professionals and enthusiasts. You definitely need it for still life shooting, wedding or landscape.

Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera has very powerful specifications including:

a. Expeed 6 image processor.
b. 45.7MP full-frame CMOS, 35.9 x 23.9mm sensor.
c. An ISO range of 64 to 25,600 (exp. 32-102,400).
d. 8,256 x 5,504px maximum image size.
e. 493-point hybrid phase/contrast AF system.
f. XQD memory card.
g. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
h. 9fps maximum burst.
i. The video it produces is 4K UHD at 24p,25p,30p.
j. EVF, 3,690k dots, 100% coverage viewfinder.
k. It is 134 x 101 x 68mm in body size.
l. Weighs 675g inclusive of the memory card and battery.
M. Has 3.2-inch tilting LCD touchscreen, 2,100K dots.

Key features

1. Very well-built hardware: It is weather sealed, both the wheels and buttons have an impressive amount of click. Nothing rattles about it. The 5-axis optical image stabilization is built into the body of the camera and this is meant to help in mitigating the impact of shaky hands. You will be happy to see a fine big grip on it. It comes with small top OLED panel which displays the number of shots remaining, battery life and your current settings. the memory card slot it has is only for XQD cards which is not very common with many cameras. Additionally, it has a USB-C port which facilitates easy and quick direct transfer of data.

2. Image quality: Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera has is able to negatively shoot from as low as ISO 64 and this grants you some additional flexibility when in bright outdoor environments. This is responsible for the production of massive sharp full-sized images and with colors well-balanced with solid dynamic range. This camera lets in a lot of light which results in the production of very bright images.

3. Fast, point-dense autofocus: The system is hybrid. Hybrid AF systems typically make use of on-chip-phase-detect focus pixels to estimate the direction and distance needed to attain a focus-lock. 

4. Super electronic viewfinder: With 0.8x magnification and 0.5-inch Organic-LED-panel, this electronic viewfinder is just the best. It is responsible for a razor-sharp, bright and lag free rendition of our real environment. This viewfinder gets disable and enable automatically to help you save power or switch forth and back between LCD monitor and viewfinder with ease.

5. Video quality: The quality of video produced by Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera is just amazing. The 4K UHD video at 24p,25p and 30p is what you don’t want to miss.

6. Warranty: This product comes with full warranties, therefore, you can always get assistance from the manufacturer in case of anything getting faulty.

7. Menu system: It has an intuitive menu system with an impressive button layout. It being touchscreen makes it easy to navigate through.


Nikon Z7 Mirrorless is one of the finest cameras that have ever been made by Nikon and the above features justifies this. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, this product will not disappoint you!

Grab your Nikon Z6 for high quality photos and videos

If you have been looking for a camera for use in gathering and special moments then look no further. This is because this article presents you with one that will meet all your photography needs. Nikon Z6 is the one. This powerful camera is very well known for quality videos and photos. It is fair in price, high in quality and comes with very outstanding features.

1. This come camera comes with 24.5MP full frame BSI-CMOS sensor, SnapBridge Wi-Fi system having Bluetooth, Up to 100Mbps H.264 8-bit internal-video capture, 10-bit 4:2:2 N-Log output over HDMI, UHD-4K capture up to 30p, Single XQD card-slot, OLED top plate display, 2.1M-dot tilting touch LCD, 3.69M-dot OLED viewfinder, Up to 12 fps burst-shooting (Raw plus JPEG) and Hybrid autofocus-system w/273 phase-detect points.

2. This camera utilizes the all-new Z-mount together with a full-frame 24MP sensor having built-in 5-axis image stabilization along with oversampled 4K video and a hybrid AF-system.

3. Body and handling: The Z6 has a lot of customization, familiar controls and excellent build quality. It can, therefore, be handled with anybody with much ease. It is for sure among the best handling cameras.

4. Operation and controls: This powerful product can get customized in many ways and is able to have separate settings for video and stills. With this ability, one can easily carry out some adjustments to meet his/her choice and preference.

5. Versatility: Nikon Z6 camera is very versatile. It is for this reason that it can comfortably handle every shooting situation that arises. It is a good one for landscape, street, portraits or travels. This is very important since people have many different choices from where to shoot videos or take photos.

6. High image quality: It’s 24MP sensor has high ISO performance and superior resolution. This implies that it can really serve you well as a photographer. It also has a dynamic range therefore able to capture a wide range of tones in an image.

7. Autofocus: Nikon Z6 camera has a robust hybrid AF system and this makes the video and still shooting results very impressive.

8. High video quality: This camera produces high-quality videos and therefore good for video shooting or videography.

9. Screen and Viewfinder: Nikon Z6 comes with a 3.6 million dot viewfinder. This is no doubt that this is among the best electronic finders found on any camera.

9. Convenience: It uses the long-lasting EN-EL15b battery which makes you able to take many photos in one charge. This battery can also be charged via USB-C. This implies that you can use external power pack to charge it while on the go. This makes it convenient.

10. Lightweight: The Z6 camera weighs 675g with card and batter and 585g when stripped naked. With these grams, you can comfortably use it for long hours without getting tired.


Now you know the camera that promises you superb video and image quality. It is a good one for landscape, street, portraits or travels. This camera is the real choice with no compromise. I highly recommend it to you.

Nikon D850- The Most Versatile and Finest DSLR Camera Ever Made

Are you looking for a professional grade camera which willgive you great value for your money? Search no more as Nikon D850 camera is exactly what you are searching for. It still remains the most anticipated camera releases of the year 2017. Its release shook the industry because of the advanced features it comes with, making it the most versatile DSLR up to date. Below are some of the major features that have always kept it ahead of its competition.


I. Instant

After capturing your shots, you can now instantly share your images or videos with the world. This is one of the best features of this camera. All you require to transfer your captions to your tablet or phone is the Nikon’s SnapBridge app. For seamless transfers, the app is constantly connected to the Nikon D850 through Bluetooth low energy. Additionally, with the Bluetooth low energy feature, you can perform a remote shoot by controlling the camera via your tablet or smartphone.

II. Silent

This camera comes with a Do Not Disturb feature called
silent photography. The feature ensures that you can take images and capture videos at weddings, golf and press conferences without causing any distractions. By turning this feature on, the camera does not produce any sound and even the mechanical vibration is alleviated.

III. High

This is the first Nikon camera to use BSI (Backside Illuminated Sensor). With this Nikon made sensor, the light collecting elements are closer to the chip’s surface. As a result, the camera not only has a better low light performance but also enhances the ability of the sensor edge pixels to accept high incidence light angles. This enhances the overall peripheral image quality.

IV. High

Impressively, the Nikon D850 camera features increased
speed. This is facilitated by the presence of a dedicated AF processor, configuration options, full range of the AF modes, metering sensor, and AF module. All these features translate to improved focus performance paired with high resolution. By adding the optional MB-D18 battery grip and attaching an EN-EL 18b battery to this camera, you get a chance of shooting at 9 frames per

V. Video

This product is the first Nikon model to record videos in 4K
Ultra High definition. Therefore, you can be sure that you are purchasing one of Nikon’s best products on the market. Additionally, the camera has up to 120 FPS at 1080p slow motion recording.

VI. Dynamic

One of the best things about this camera is that it is
sensitive to all the little details, giving you high-quality captions with great details. This Nikon model features the lowest base ISO any DSLR camera ever had- ISO 64, which is expandable to ISO 32, giving the product a great dynamic range.


·Flawless image quality

·Amazing low light capability

·Quiet and smooth shutter

·Illuminated buttons

·Time exposure mode

·Super bright LCD


·Relatively expensive

Any serious enthusiast, semi-professional and professional
photographer or videographer will be amazed by the Nikon D850 performance. The new 45.7 million pixels full-frame CMOS sensor and the low light capabilities at high ISO are some of the major features that make this camera better than the rest on the market. By combining high speed and high resolution, this D850 camera from Nikon is arguably the most versatile product in the industry. If you prefer using DSLR cameras to mirrorless cameras, the landmark status of Nikon D850 is still unchallenged and so the product is worth every coin of your hard earned money.

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What you Need to Know About the Nikon D7500


The Nikon D7500 is the fourth DSLR camera in Nikon’s D7xxx series and represents the greatest revamp we have ever seen in the series since the D7000 replaced the old D90. The D7500 delivers the ISO range, game-changing resolution, energy efficiency, and image processing of the magnificent D500 in an enthusiast level DLSR. The D7500 camera is built to outperform all the other cameras in its class with its top-tier image quality, flawless autofocus, blazing speed, pro-grade creative tools, and 4K Ultra HD video- all in a rugged, comfortable design. The Nikon D700 is built for the new generation of creators and people who love adventure.

Key Feature

1. Camera

The Nikon D7500 uses a 20.9 Megapixel image sensor and an EXPEED 5 image processing engine to capture images with phenomenal tonality and sharpness, especially in low light situations like parties, concerts, or sporting events.

The camera allows you to capture 8 frames per second when shooting continuously. A powerful focusing system can lock onto objects fast, allowing you to take clear pictures of moving objects and people.

The D7500 uses a 180,000-pixel RGB sensor to detect a human face and improve performance during high-speed shooting.

2. Tilting touchscreen

The tilting touchscreen is one of the more notable differences between the D7500 and previous models. The large 3.2-inch touchscreen can tilt up or down, allowing you to shoot at high and low and less comfortably. The touchscreen makes it easier to control the camera and interact with the pictures you’ve taken.

3. Rugged Design

The Nikon D7500 has a Monocoque design and weather sealing to withstand dust, moisture, and heavy use.

4. Comfortable Performance

A lot of people agreethattheD7500 feels better in the hands than previous D7xxx models. Deeper grip and slimmer ergonomics have improved comfort for all-day shooting and stability for handheld shooting.

5. Energy Efficiency

Nikon engineers have really outdone themselves with the D7500 when it comes to energy efficiency. The D7500 can capture approximately 950 pictures on a single battery. This is enough for shooting at concerts, sporting events, wildlife shooting and others that take time.

6. 4K ultra HD videos

For those looking to enter the world of filmmaking, the Nikon D7500is the perfect DSLR for can record rich and extremely detailed 4K full HD videos for up to 30 minutes through the industry-leading NIKKOR lenses.


The D7500 body is fairly substantial and comes packed with many controls and function buttons. The menu is extensive and logical, making it easy to set it up and tweak a few things if needed.


The Nikon D7500 is heavier than most mirrorless models available today, but its solid feel and strong grip give it a well-balanced feel. If you like buttons, on-body controls, and dials, you’ll love the D7500.there are four buttons on the right and seven buttons on the left back, along with a command dial and cursor field control. The mode dial has 10 indents on top and 7 drive modes.


The weight, feel of build, and balance of the Nikon D7500 is really good, unlike most lower-priced DSLRs which look like they are made of plastic. The controls and grip are classic, offering the user a sense of control over all parameters and options available. The D7500 can be summed up as a conglomeration of pro camera models and amateur models that leans more on the enthusiast side.

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Rock the world of photography with the coveted Nikon D5600 Camera

Shine brightest in the multitude with videos and photos so impressive that will motivate you to keep learning and shooting. This is only possible with the Nikon D5600 Camera which is now rocking the market. This powerful camera helps to develop your skills with outstanding image quality, powerful tools and intuitive controls to expand the bounds of your aspiration as far as they will blend. This camera is simply the best out there!

Features of Nikon D5600 Camera

1. The Packed bundle including. Nikon D5600 Camera comes with 70-300mm and 18-55mm lenses,18-55mm, DSLR Camera Accessories Bundle, 58mm 3-Piece (CPL/ND/UV) Filter Kit, 55mm 3-Piece (CPL/ND/UV) Filter Kit, 55mm 0.43x Wide-Angle Lens, 55mm 2.2x Telephoto Lens, Wireless Shutter Release Remote-Control, SanDisk Ultra 64GB Memory Card, and Digital Slave Flash.

2. The 24.4 megapixels CMOS sensor and EXPEED-4 image processor. This camera comes with the EXPEED-4 image processor and very sensitive 24.2 megapixels both combined to produce true-to-life and vibrant videos and photos. Nikon D5600 Camera also has a wide ISO range of 100-25,600 and this enables you to capture sharp and clear photos even in low light settings. You are able to shoot to dusk from dawn with no problems. When you experience extremely dim lighting or you need to remove shadow in a bright portrait, this camera’s built-in flash is ready to help remove any scene The EXPEED-4 processor that this camera comes with, enables one to take a consecutive shorts series, capturing photos at 5 5 fps with the click of the shutter button once.

3. The 3.2 inches adjustable touchscreen LCD. This amazing product comes with a 3.2 inches adjustable touchscreen LCD which allows you to set the camera’s focus, zoom, pinch and swipes just like a smartphone. this enables you to easily frame the classic shots and have images captured at unique angles for a good perspective.

4. Wireless connectivity. Nikon D5600 Camera has Wi-Fi connectivity built-in. One can instantly and easily send photos or images and videos to your tablet or smartphone at any given time. This is quite amazing. The Bluetooth connectivity together with the Nikon SnapBridge enables you to remotely snap and compose pictures with much ease.

5. Enhanced Video Features. You can record high-quality Full HD footage with crystal-clear stereo sound, vibrant color and photo-like sharpness. One can also have this camera paired with an AF-P lens which utilizes a stepping motor for a near-silent and smooth auto-focus to guarantee audio fidelity. You can come up with marvelous time-lapse movies on your camera.

6. In-camera Tools. With this camera, you can capture images with a wide-dynamic-range using built-in HDR. This powerful machine gives lots of creative potential to you. The high quality optical viewfinder that facilitates an incredible crystal clear view into the lens and when focusing on your object, it enables you to block out distractions and sunlight.

7. Free cloud storage. You no longer need to worry about where to store your pictures. This is because Nikon D5600 Camera has image space when you can automatically and securely store them.


Now you know which camera to own for very high-quality videos and pictures. Choose Nikon D5600 Camera because it comes with very powerful features that will make you stand out of the crowd. Buy one today!

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Own Nikon D3400-The best entry-level DSLR

Are you in need an entry-level DSLR camera with very good image quality, long battery life, a solid AF system and a beautifully compact body? If your answer is yes then I recommend Nikon D3400 to you. This camera does everything very well. It enables you to capture anything beautifully and transfer it right away.

The following are some of its best specifications:

a. 24.2 MP sensor
b. EXPEED image processor
c. Fixed 3.0″ 921k-dot LCD
d. 11-point (one-cross type) AF System
e. 0.85x (95% coverage) Viewfinder
magnification (coverage)
f. 100-12,800 (expansion to 25,600) ISO Range
g. SnapBridge via Bluetooth connectivity
h. 1080/60p Video Capture maximum resolution.
i. 5 fps Continuous Shooting
j. 7m Built-in Flash Range
k. 1200 shots battery-life
l. Body size of 124 x 98 x 76 mm
m. Weighs 395g

Features of Nikon D3400

1. Body and Handling: Since it is an entry-level DSLR camera, its body comprises mostly a composite plastic material. This camera is also very light and this makes shooting experience very enjoyable for long periods. 
It comes with a simple-control design that makes it suitable for use by beginners or first-time shooters. The controls are located in a way that makes choosing settings fairly easy and manageable. Also, it has a well-labelled mode dial that makes ‘full auto’ switch modes very simple.

2. Autofocus: The 11-point (one-cross type) detection autofocus system that this camera comes with brings about a fairly quick focusing acquisition speed.
Having said that, choosing the AF points by the use of the four-way controller and selecting the AF modes the click of a button makes the use of the AF particularly if you are a beginner. The speed involving auto-focus acquisition is quick in good light and the kit lens slightly slow down in darker conditions.

3. Live-View AF: Its auto-focus motor offers a smoother and faster focus in live-view and when shooting a video where the focusing-acquisition speed is admirably faster.

4. Image quality: The Nikon D3400 produces very pleasing photos/images right out of the box. The sharpening is fairly reserved even when the optional ‘fine’ setting is engaged. That notwithstanding, the possible detail with the 24-MP sensor is just nice.

4. Content Sharing: Since this camera is SnapBridge Bluetooth Connectivity enabled, you can easily share the images captured and videos easily and instantly

5. Warranty: Just like many other cameras sold out there, Nikon D3400 comes with warranties. What you only need to do is to ensure that you buy it from a legitimate/authorized dealer.

6. Convenience: This camera has a relatively Long battery life, therefore granting you the convenience you always require when using it. With it, one can shoot to a maximum of about 1,200 shots per charge. 


This Nikon D3400 camera which is easy to use comes with superb image quality, brilliant battery life, and an exceptional autofocus system. These are some of the very amazing features that make it sought after in the market. As a beginner, you need this camera since its very easy to operate. I consider it a good option!

100th Anniversary Nikon D5: Setting New Age Standards in Digital Photography


The Nikon D5 is one of the latest flagship cameras in the Pro DSLR category by Nikon. This model seats pretty at the top of the list, having been upgraded from the D4S that was launched in 2014. With the summer Olympics around the corner, the D5 launch doesn’t come as a surprise.

The D5 comes in a body design more or less similar to its predecessor, however, there have been a number of upgrades under the hood that sets it a notch higher and more appealing to professional photographers. For instance, the resolution has been increased to 20.8 million pixels up from the 16 million pixels in the D4S.

The ISO range of the Nikon D5 has also been cleverly upgraded to 100 – 102,400 compared to 100 – 25,600 from the previous model. EXPEED 5 engine has also been included to boost the frame rate up to an impressive 12fps.

Nikon 5 is currently available in two versions –one with double CF card slots and the other with XQD slots. While many pro photographers like the CF cards, you can go for the XQD model of you wish to take advantage of improved speeds. You will find a 3.2 inch, 2359k-dot screen (TFT) on the back.

Nikon D5 Mains Specs at a glance.

•20.8MP image sensor
•EXPEED 5 engine processor
•153-point detection autofocus mechanism.
•Automated fine tune
•Native ISO range; 100-102,400
•Dual XQD or dual CF card configurations
•4K video recording
•Touchscreen capability during video shooting and stills
•200-shot buffer,12 FPS bursts

Build and handling

If you ever handled the D4S, you will be very much at home with the new Nikon D5. As earlier mentioned, the design layout and controls are pretty much the same. They have however made the rear and front grips more agronomical which allows you to use the camera for long hours at a time.

The body comes with extensive weather sealing and an all-round metal frame –it gives you an idea that it can handle tough environments with no trouble. The controls are all familiar and intuitive –featuring three buttons for horizontal shutter and one for the vertical. The 3.2-inch touch-sensitive screen allows you to scroll through images and zoom in when checking sharpens.


The Nikon D5 produces generally better images compared to its predecessor –the D4S. From its lowest ISO range of ISO409,600, the images are great, but not the best setting option for routine photography. At its maximum setting of ISO3,280,000, the image quality drops a little.

The lower sensitivity setting seems to produce better results, which could be a great option when taking images where image quality isn’t a major concern. But we recommend that you don’t keep this under ISO102,400.

The autofocus is quite impressive too –having been stretched further from the previous model. The 25-72 point dynamic auto-focus options improves the hit rate by locking on pretty well on both subjects that move around the focus frame or change distance in relation to the camera.

The Auto-area focus and 153-point modes are quite useful, but when shooting in a busy environment, there is a high chance the camera will latch on a wrong target. But there is also a 3D tracking feature which is useful at area focusing.

When it comes to colors, you will find a Standard Picture Control mode that leans towards producing subtle tons when working in a natural environment. Images in bolder colors come out rather punchy and vibrant, which often appeals to most photographers.

Bottom line

The newly released Nikon D5 stands up to the Nikon and industry standards, thanks to the 4K video recording, enhanced autofocus, impressive ISO range and image quality, and the full frame image sensor.

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Honest Review of the Nikon D500 Camera (100th Anniversary)



Nikon D500 is a powerful camera that was released by the company 100th Anniversary in 2016, it consists of various cutting-edge technologies that are ideal for action photographers. For instance, it’s equipped with a remarkable AF system and low-light capabilities that allow you to high-quality pictures in different types of conditions. The camera is designed to shoot up to 10-fps with precise autofocus, while generating 20mp images that will look great even in dim light.


Nikon D500 DX Format 4K Video DSLR Camera Triple Battery & Battery Grip Complete Video Recording Bundle

I) It has face detection auto-focus in some shooting modes such as the 3D autofocus, including face detect metering as well. Furthermore, the metering system comprises of flicker detection, meaning you can comfortably shoot under frequency-based lighting, without encountering shot sequences with mismatched color.

II) The autofocus sensor consists of its own dedicated CPU, which allows it to process the incoming data stream initially before delivering it to the main system for final output. This allows the Nikon D500 camera to work much faster and precisely compared to other models. Likewise, it significantly reduces mirror blackout time, thus giving the autofocus sensors ability to always see what’s taking place in front of the camera when shooting quick bursts of shots.

III) Equipped with SnapBridge Bluetooth technology for sharing digital images. It allows your camera to stay permanently connected to a Smart Device, even over low-power Bluetooth network or a Wi-Fi system. This simply means that soon after the initial connection has been established, images can easily be transferred to your smartphone automatically from wherever you’re using the camera to take pictures. Plus they can instantly be shared via the web when using your phone.

IV) Lightweight and strongly-built. Nikon D500 is considerably lightweight compared to its predecessor the D300 version, this is mainly because of its carbon-fiber front and shutter box system that was just recently launched. Both these materials provide a rigid but surprisingly lightweight front-frame compared to other cameras with metal frames. Though the top and back rames’ are still made from magnesium alloy.

V) Lengthy video shooting. You can use the Nikon D500 camera to take videos up to 30 minutes long, unlike other cameras that have a capacity of only 3 to 5 minutes. Additionally, there are options such as lower-resolution video modes and Full HD recording that can be captured in 60pixel for slow-motion playback. Furthermore, the camera can be used to create 4K UHD time-lapse films right inside. Plus there’s electronic Vibration Reduction available to help reduce the effect of camera shaking, which often occurs when shooting hand-held movies.


i)Fully weather-proof body

ii) Highgrade picture quality

iii) Smooth handling

iv) Excellent Auto Focus system


a) Doesn’t have a built-in flash

b) Limited touch-screen function

c) Live View autofunction is somehow slow

Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR (Body Only) and NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR Lens for Nikon DSLR Cameras

Final Verdict:

Generally, the Nikon D500 is a quality high-resolution camera that’s perfect for those who are into action photography and wildlife filming. It’s equipped with a 20mp sensor that delivers crystal clear images at fast speeds, and has a maximum runtime of 30 minutes which is sufficient for taking long videos. Additionally, it comes with SnapBridge Bluetooth technology that allows for instant video and photo sharing across smart devices.

Nikon D7200 Camera – The Perfect Photographer’s Choice!


One of the recent upgrades in the world of digital photography is Nikon D7200 With an impeccable resolution of 24.2 million pixels build around its sensor, the camera is one that exudes power in terms of performance. 

This digital camera comes with all its features greatly improved from the previous models such as D7100. The buffer, and it’s A-System are quite superior and three times improved. Its EXPEED 4 processor is also highly spoken for.


The Nikon D 7200 Camera comes with strong and passionate features which include the a faster-buffering capacity and a new picture control option of Flat. The most prominent picture controls for this camera include standard, neutral, Vivid and monochrome. 

You also have the option of Flat and, landscape and portrait picture controls. The camera also features a Multi-CAM 3500DX II System. This system is known to offer an incredible 51 AF points which are sensitive to p-3EV. The cross-type points are 15 and have the exceptional capabilities to see the horizontal lines, while the rest of the points can see the vertical lines.

This camera uses Anti-aliasing filters for prevention of any referring effects, especially when you are photographing any fine textures and patterns.The cameras also come with a native sensitivity range of ISO100-25,600 and with expanded settings of HiWB1 and HiWB2. These two setting options are available in JPEG mode.

The Nikon D7200 camera also comes in with picture control 2.0, these produce pictures in maximum dynamic range and a reduced contrast, which actually makes the grading and enhancing of footage much easier. The adaptive dynamic range of the camera can be set at Auto, Extra high and high. You can also adjust the settings to low and OFF. Videographers will usually find this kind of setting more favorable and effective.

The D700 also comes with the capacity to shoot full HD 1080 footage. In most circumstances, it can shoot at 30/25p, but you have also have the option of shooting footage at 60/50p by the use of the 1.3 x crop mode.

The camera is has with excellent compatibility with the new Nikon ME-W1 wireless mic, famed for its sensational ability to capture sound from as far as 50 meters away.


-NikonD700 camera comes with excellent storage capacity This allows video footage to be saved to either of the camera’s dual SD card slots. You can also easily transfer the footage through HDMI onto an external recorder.

-You can manipulate the new autofocus system to perform even in dimmer and darker conditions, while still getting high-quality footage.

-The hands-free builtin –WIFI is an excellent way through which you can have full control of your camera, where photographs can naturally and easily be transferred and shared, especially if you have a compatible smartphone.


Although it is designed to reduce and throw away noise, it throws away some pictures as well, especially at high ISO.


Nikon D7200 camera remains a big deal in the world of photography and videography. It makes everything efficient in terms of high resolution, and excellent frame rate.
Compared to how effective it is, this camera remains quite affordable. Besides, with a spectacular high ISO performance with no ratty, blotchy and off-color effects, you are guaranteed of nothing else, but quality.

The Best Entry Level DSLR Camera


Any experienced photographer will at attest to one fact; it is not easy to find an entry level DSLR camera. To make it worse, the camera market is flooded with many cameras, and each of them claims to be the best. This will make your hunting mission to be quite a complex affair. If you are looking for a good DSLR camera that will give you the value of your money, try out Nikon D5500. The camera is at a higher level than its close competitors  which are at the same DSLR level. It has some powerful features that make it stands strong against other cameras from other brands that are at the same level as it.


As expected, Nikon D5500 came with new design and style which is quite different from its predecessor, Nikon D5300. Its size is smaller, and it also feels lighter. Its body weighs 420g which is 60g than its predecessor. Regarding size, the camera’s dimension is 124 × 97 × 70mm. The changes in the design also affected how the camera feels and how you can handle it. It has an intense grip which means that your hands will be more than comfortable handling the camera. The
curvature which is at the edge of the camera’s body provides a perfect point on which your fingers can rest on.

In constructing the D5500, Nikon dumped magnesium alloy and polycarbonate but instead went for carbon fire. This explains the change in how the camera feels. Despite the changes in how the camera feels, it retains the layout that was used in its predecessor (D5300). One manual dial button is at the top plate, and another one is on the back plate. The manual dial mode is backed up by PASM dial mode. In overall, the buttons are easily accessible and have been optimized to make the user comfortable.


One unique feature of Nikon D5500 is its DX sensor which has 24.2MP this value of megapixels is higher than any other entry-level
DSLR in the market. The camera’s performance and speed are under the control of Exceed 4 processor. It has an excellent AF

performance and can focus accurately even when there is minimum light. Nikon D5500 has a good metering performance thanks to a high-resolution meter sensor. However, it has lower ISOs which
leave more room for shadow.

and video quality

If you are anticipating for high-quality photos, the D5500 will not fail you. The quality of the photos can be made better by adding
a more powerful lens. An ISO of between 1600 to 3200 can get rid of the shadow effect. The ISO sensitivity of the D5500 ranges between 100 and 25000 but don’t use extreme high ISO value. The camera can shoot video of up to 1080p though it does not have 4K video capture. Video shooting is further enhanced by a built-in stereo microphone though there is an additional port for an external microphone.


There is a very small difference between Nikon 5500 and  its predecessor Nikon 5300. However, the D5500 can deliver better performance, and it just feels good to handle it. When used with the high-quality lens, the camera will give you value for your money.

Looking for a Modern Camera with Improved Features? Buy Nikon D750


Apart from being good at photography and filming, you need a good camera in order to produce admirable images. Cameras come in different brands and designs. However, you deserve the best the market has to offer. Do you like Nikon cameras? Nikon D750 is the next item you should purchase if you do not have it already. It offers you the following.


Nikon D750 provides users with a slim, light yet compact design that gives it a modern look. The weight is manageable making it easy to move around with the camera without fatigue. The rugged construction makes the camera tough to stand things such as scratches. Its manufacturer uses high-quality material when making the item (magnesium alloy and thermoplastics). This increases durability.


Are you going out to shoot fast-moving subjects such as race cars or wildlife? You need a camera that can capture those moments perfectly. Nikon D750 is such a piece. It is great for fast-paced scenarios. This camera can shoot up to 6.5fps (frames per second) when operating at full resolution. It also has 15sensors and 3D color for efficiency purposes. The sensor operates on 91,000pixels. Some cameras lack the full frame feature. D750 has it.

Image quality

The last thing you need is a camera that captures blurry, poor quality images. With this product expect crisp, clear, sharp videos and still photos thanks to the 24.3MP and the full HD capability. The 3.2-inch LCD screen ensures you have a good view of whatever you are shooting. Tilt it at an angle to get the view you want. Besides, you can also use your smartphone or tablet as alternative monitors.


Nikon D750 is a comfortable-to-use camera. It has a good grip that enhances safety and prevents unnecessary drops. You can hold it using one hand if you like. Its energy-saving feature ensures you shoot for longer periods. For professional iris transitions, use the power aperture control while for exposure transitions utilize the auto ISO feature. That said, the EXPEED four-image processor boosts the performance of this camera.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Internet connection has become an important aspect of different technologies. With Nikon D750, you get to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity. This way you are able to browse through the content stored in your camera using other devices such as your phone or iPad. Share photographs and videos online on various platforms at your convenience. Nevertheless, make sure you install the wireless mobile utility app for the Wi-Fi connection to work.


Offers high-quality images
It is ergonomic
Has a sturdy design
Suits fast shooting
Has a great auto-focus feature
it is highly versatile


Live view is slow
Buffer capacity needs improvement


Despite the two cons, Nikon D750 is a spectacular camera. If you have not used it yet, what are you waiting for? This is a digital gadget with all the improved features you could wish for from the Wi-Fi to aut0-focus. The rugged design makes the camera strong and usable in harsh environments. It is time to head out and enjoy shooting fast-paced subjects. Have fun during races, for example, and capture those thrilling experiences with Nikon D750.

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Nikon D810 Camera: The Detailed Review Of This Stunning Camera

It goes without saying that Nikon D810 is one of the best DSLR cameras at its price range. Nikon D810 Camera is an upgrade of its predecessors, the Nikon D800E and Nikon D800 cameras, which boast of a high resolution of 36.3 MP full-frame sensors. The new Nikon D810 may have the same resolution of 36.3 MP as the previous two DSLRs but it comes with improved performance and camera features, including a new sensor that has an expanded native ISO range. The D810 Camera uses a newly designed chip in addition to Nikon’s new Expeed 4 processing engine, which improves image quality and performance and also has an ISO range of 64 to 12800. The D810 has a new shutter and mirror box capacity which allows it to have better autofocusing and capture sharper images.

To reduce the chance of shutter shake, Nikon decided to redesign the shutter mechanism and introduce a first curtain electronic shutter. Other upgrades from the Nikon D800 camera include the D4S’s AF system that comes with Group-area AF mode, ability to record excellent small raw images, and higher resolution rear display. The D810 is an outstanding multi-mode camera, which allows it to handle everything from portraits to fine art and sports. Let’s now look at Nikon D810 exclusive features to see how it stands out from its predecessors.


The D810 camera has no anti-alias filter, which allows it to capture sharp images. This makes Nikon D810 camera ideal for high-resolution photography like fine art, nature, espionage, and landscape. On the video side, the D810 offers a full high definition recording at 1080/60p/24p with zebra pattern, manual exposure control, audio level adjustment, and focus peaking.


Unlike the old D800 which shoots at 4 FPS, the new D810 shoots at 5 FPS. However, when used with the right batteries and proper grip, the D810 can operate at 7 FPS in DX mode. This makes it faster than even the higher priced D1 and D1H cameras that are used in professional news and sports. In addition, the D810 autofocus performance is fast and accurate under any light. The D810’s Auto AF Area Select Mode not only allows it to find the right AF point immediately but also tracks the subject over the frame as it moves around.


The D810 controls noise very well as it is very quiet and smooth. In fact, this is one of the very few Nikon cameras that is so quiet, making it ideal for indoor use. Unlike when you use the larger DSLRs, this camera will not disturb people when you decide to take photos in a meeting. In addition, the D810 is the only Nikon DSLR camera that runs very fast on its Quiet Continuous mode.


The D810 is a multi-mode camera that can be used for gallery work, sports, portraits, forensics, and more. If you don’t need the high resolution for forensics or gallery, you can adjust the resolution to 20 MP or less for galleries or portraits.


> ISO range: 64 to 12800 that can be to 32 – 51200.

> Autofocus: it has 51 face detection points, including contrast detection in video and Live View mode.

> Shutter speed: 1/8000 to 30 seconds plus Time and Bulb

> Video resolution: Full HD 1080p at 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p.

> Sensor: 36.3 MP> Memory: SDXC/ SDHC/ CF and SD> Viewfinder: Optical pentaprism

> Weight: 880 grams

The verdict

The Nikon D810 is good for studio and landscape photographers who are looking for resolution and dynamic range in DSLR camera. Enthusiast photographers can also use this camera as it can be used for everything. However, this camera is not good for low light photography as it has a poor AF responsiveness and the mirror-induced vibrations can lower resolution in images taken with the VR activated. All in all, D810 is a great camera that brings together the D800 and D800E in one powerful high-resolution camera.

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Nikon D4s – A Real Camera for Real Professionals


Nikon D4s looks similar to its predecessor. However, it comes with many improvements to help users to enjoy photography more than ever. It features EXPEED4 processing to enable users to shoot more videos per battery charge. The new version has higher ISOs to improve the video quality. The processing time will be 30% faster. With the D4s, you can record to a memory card and external recorder simultaneously. In addition, it has 15 cross-type sensors to detect any contrast data both in horizontal and vertical planes. The camera features a nine-cross type of sensors compatible with the teleconverter and NIKKOR lenses.

Key Features

• EXPEED 4 image processing

• 16 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor

• ISO 100-25,600

• 11 fps continuous shooting

• 51-point autofocus system

• Group Area AF for accurate subject tracking

• 1080/60p video

• XQD card slots and CompactFlash

• Optical viewfinder

• 1920 x 1080 video resolution

• Weather sealed body

• EN-EL18a battery

The key benefit of this upgraded version is the wide ISO range. When it comes to the increasing speed, the mirror of D4s has a short travel distance that will reduce the blackout times of the viewfinder. You will notice some minor changes in the exposure system of the camera. The 4Ds is able to use face detection that will enable your device to determine metering when using OVF. You will find the exposure changes less abrupt while using live view and during interval shooting. Also, you will be able to take up to 9999 shots for each sequence. The active D-lighting is effective than the predecessor. Now, it will have extra high two settings.

In addition, you will notice some minor changes in the Auto ISO feature. In this new version, the Auto ISO feature can be used in manual exposure mode. As the result, the users will have the ability to choose the required aperture setting and shutter speed and then the camera will decide on the ISO. Also, 4Ds will come with an Exposure Comp Button and two control dials. You can use the exposure compensation button to get better image brightness. It is using the new EN-EL18a battery. With this battery, users can get 3020 shots per charge.

The D4s can be a better choice for recording. It has made some improvements in the movie capture department. The new model is able to capture 1080 of 60 fps. It is double than its predecessor. Also, there are options for 50/30/25/24p capture. 4Ds can improve the user experience with its ISO auto control system in the manual mode. The users can adjust the audio level during recordings.


• Excellent built quality

• Durable battery life

• Better videos

• High performance

• Great low-light performance

• Ideal for wildlife shooting

• Great image quality

• Bright viewfinder to ensure 100% coverage

• Autofocus improvement for better performance

• Stylish and well- designed


• Large and heavy

• Expensive

• No USB 3 out

• Only minor improvements

Final Verdict

Nikon D4s is designed for multimedia professionals and experienced photographers. With the new version, you will get enhanced video and image quality, durable battery life, improved autofocus, amazing ISO range, and great performance.

Looking for an excellent DSLR camera? Here is Nikon D3300 review

Nikon D3300 is a solid DSLR camera that captures high-quality videos with no significant drawbacks. It succeeds D3200 with a few upgrades thanks to the brilliant engineering. Despite the identical resolution, this model excels in the performance department. At first glance, you’ll notice improvements in under-the-hood features and body construction. Here is a detailed review of Nikon D3300 camera.


Price: $549.99 Nikon D3300 w/ AF-P DX 18-55mm VR Digital SLR – Black

Another remarkable feature is the redesigned guide mode. It describes the appropriate settings for a chosen scenario. You can adjust flash, ISO sensitivity, and release drive mode. Of course, the finish is commensurate with the price.


The D3300 camera is faster than D3200 and other rivals within the price range. It takes about half a second to Power On which is breathtaking. In good light, the time to focus and shoot is 0.4 seconds – faster than the predecessor. Nikon D3300 performs well when shooting two consecutive photos. It takes 0.3 seconds regardless of whether you’re using JPEG or raw. This rises to 0.9 seconds when the flash is enabled. The continuous shooting mode is up from 4 to 5 fps.

While there is not so much attention on the cameras processors, Nikon latest chip pays off. Not only that, the battery life has increased from 540-700 shots. And when the camera is equipped with a 95MB/sec memory card, it delivers up to 5.1 fps.

Image quality

The image is somewhat sharper than what you’d expect in 24.2-megapixel resolution. Just like D5500, this model lacks Optical low-pass filter (OLPF). This, in turn, results in increased fine detail resolution. More interestingly, JPEG looks less noisy than the traditional counterparts. The colors look accurate and the videos are stunning even in low light.


Price: $789.00 Nikon D3300 DX-format DSLR Kit w/ 18-55mm DX VR II & 55-200mm DX VR II Zoom Lenses and Case (Black)

The 3-inch monitor comes with 160-degree viewing angle and 11 settings of brightness. It’s worth mentioning that the display does not flip/rotate, so there’s no selfie shooting. On the other hand, the viewfinder offers 95% and 0.85x magnification. This means you should expect some details slip into the edges of the frame. Thankfully, a diopter adjustment is provided to accommodate the varying levels of eyesight.


On the right side, there is a four-way directional pad, live view mode, and shooting controls. Likewise, there are four buttons on the left side for accessing the on-screen menu and zooming into captured images. Atop the right handgrip, you’ll find info, movie capture, and exposure compensation buttons. Next to the dial, there is a lock button which allows the user to lock in an exposure setting without taking the eyes from the subject.


Price: $688.00 Nikon D3300 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with Auto Focus-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II Zoom Lens (Red)

• Comes in with a lightweight and compact design

• Gives good video quality

• Great ISO performance

• Provides 5fps continuous shooting

• Excellent per-pixel sharpness


• The built-in flash may overheat after continuous use

• No built-in support

Nikon D3300 is a powerful entry-level DSLR camera that delivers high-quality images. Apart from that, it comes with an impressive battery life and is easy to use. Without a doubt, your 1080p full HD videos and 24.2-megapixel photos will bring back the feelings of the moments. This is an incredible camera for aspiring and professional photographers.

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I AM THE NIKON D3300 Product Video

Unleash The Photographer in You with Nikon 1528 DF 16.2 MP

The new Nikon 1528 DF 16.2 MP is a full frame DSLR. According to most users, it is a perfect mix of latest digital technology with old qualities in Nikon cameras. The latest technology in Nikon DF has been acquired from Nikon D series DSLRs. According to Nikon, this camera will come with a special-edition lens ‘AF-S Nikkor 50 mm F1.8G’. This lens has the same kind of optical performance just like the standard 50 mm F1.8G lens. This camera will be available in silver and black color. Nikon also states that this camera’s body will vary according to the country. According to Nikon, this latest DSLR will be available in stores from November 28th, 2013.

Nikon 1528 DF 16.2 MP features Nikon film SLR styling. The camera looks inspired by Nikon FM-2 and comes with manual controls. It also features a small mode dial which is present on the top right corner of the camera. It is locked and you can easily pull it upwards to unlock. A large shutter speed control dial is also included in the camera. When you handle this camera for the first time, you will notice how it imitates a high-end camera specifically designed for professional photographers. You won’t be held back by this camera’s electronic controls. According to the company, this camera is designed for photography enthusiasts.

Nikon 1528 DF 16.2 MP makes it possible to maximize Performance by optimizing non-Ai lenses. In fact, this camera is also compatible with Ai lenses and therefore, it can be used with lenses dating back to 1950s. Nikon DF comprises of an electronic virtual horizon with 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratios. These aspect ratios are available when you’ve selected live view. This is one of the lightest and smallest full frame cameras from Nikon. The body of the camera has been constructed from weather-sealed magnesium.


The top of the camera looks vintage and retro. The design of the camera clearly states the inspiration taken from cameras built in 1950s. You can see metal dials, controls, switches, central screw thread and shutter release designed to accept manual shutter release cables.

These were quite popular with SLRs. Nikon has also tried to make this camera very compact. However, it still has a sturdy rubber grip which extends round to the back of the camera. This way, you can also properly place your thumb onto the camera.

All the control wheels at the back and front are easily accessible. You won’t have to stretch your thumb or fingers excessively. Therefore, you will be comfortable while using this camera for Extended periods. Front control wheel of the camera is vertical and differs from general positioning in other Nikon cameras. However, it is still very easy to use.

In addition to the option to set exposure compensation and shutter speed dials on top of the camera, you can also see the control wheel on the back. There’s also a front control dial. Therefore, people familiar with other Nikon cameras will be comfortable using this one.

As far as picture quality is concerned, Nikon 1528 DF 16.2 MP is able to provide much sharper image quality. According to most users, this camera provides exceptional quality in low light conditions, like Music festivals, weddings, night photography and other gigs. This camera also delivers exceptional noise reduction. For every benefit, you can thank the 16.2 MP sensor. In simple words, the camera works just like Nikon D4, minus the additional expense.

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Nikon D5300 – Compact Design with Superficial Upgrades


D5300 is Nikon’s latest buzz in the market. With its new DSLR, Nikon has come out with best of class features in a compact design. The model has been launched just after one year of its predecessor D5200, which has now become a trend of the company with D7000-D7100 and D600-D610. Although, Nikon D5300 wasn’t launched to replace D5200, but it has clearly become a preferred take among mid-range DSLR line-up.

Even though, the D5300 shares several features with D5200, but the 24.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor is actually a new development in this line. The model also features anti-alias filter, which grantees delivering much clear and sharp images, depending upon the shooting locations, of courses! D5300 also sports 39-point Multi-CAM 4800DX focusing system, which is an inherited feature and somewhat quite successful among the user group.

Nikon D5300 Key Features

24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
3.2 inch tilting vari-angle screen
Built-in GPS/A-GPS
Wi-Fi connectivity
ISO 100 – ISO12800, extends to 25600
EXPEED 4 image processor
5 fps continuous shooting
2016 pixel RGB metering sensor
Full HD movies at 1080/60p, 50p, 25p, 24p
HDMI output supported
Built-in stereo microphone
HDR and Active D-Lighting
16 Scene Modes
14-bit RAW recording

Nikon D5300 Design and Built

The Nikon D5300 sports a clear and bright 3.2inch LCD screen. Despite of its compact size, the camera offers the flexibility of good viewing angles. You can easily tilt the screen for better viewing angles at the time of shooting. The camera has an improved grip, and the Body is made up in monologue design. It looks stylish, solid and well built with number of amazing curves.

Nikon D5300 Performance

As far as battery life and speed are concerned, the Nikon D5300 is equipped with EN-EL14a battery that is capable of delivering approximately over 5000 shots in one charge. However, the continuous shooting speed is comparatively less with 5 fps rate. On the other hand, the shutter response is quite impressive, and so the switch on time. In terms of performance, the camera is capable of producing excellent images with efficient Color reproduction and good exposure. Best part is that the portrait photo with Flash does not show any signs of red-eye, offering amazing detail. There is a wide array of options given for capturing shots in a variety of scenarios, including a Night Vision effect mode.

Nikon D5300 – Features

The Nikon D5300 supports the Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app which is available on Android or iOS app store. This app lets you browse and share photos with other system. You can also access or control your camera remotely with this amazing app. Auto white balance and D-lighting are another additional that improve photos, while retaining the details of highlights and shadows.

Final Words

In short, it can be said that the D5300 by Nikon has outperformed the competition with built in GPS, Wi-Fi, 3.2 inch large screen, improved battery life and noise performance. The Nikon D5300 is a compact and stylish DSLR camera that provides excellent image quality, with useful features including 24.2 megapixel sensor and no OLPF. The camera is built to take detailed and sharp photos. In fact, you can get best out of the camera, if you are ready to invest in additional lenses.

Nikon D610 Review – Improved Shutter Mechanism Eliminates Dirty Sensor Problem


The full-frame DSLR camera Nikon D610 is for enthusiasts who are upgrading from mid-range models and professionals who want an affordable backup for their higher-end models. Introduced in October this year, this camera replaces Nikon’s one year old model D600. D610 includes three new features: quiet continuous mode, faster continuous shooting and an improved system for automatic White balance. The first two features are provided by the camera’s shutter mechanism that has been newly designed to address the dirty sensor mechanism issue of D600. The D610 is capable of shooting at 6 frames per second in the normal mode and at 3 frames per second in the quiet continuous mode. The new automatic white balance system reproduces color accurately even in artificial lighting and skin tones that are more realist

Sensor: full-frame 24.3 mega pixel coupled with processing engine EXPEED 3 to manage data with remarkable accuracy and speed; delivers 10.5 mega pixel DX- Format in crop mode

Range: 100-6400; expandable to lower 50 and higher 25,600 ISO range for extreme situations

Speed: maximum 6 fps continuous; 3 fps on quiet continuous mode; quiet mode enables shooting without the noise created when mirror is raised or lowered

System: the autofocus module is multi-CAM 4800 with 39 points and includes 9 cross-type AF points; 33 AF points at the center operate at apertures slower than f/5.6, but faster than f/8; the 7 AF points in the center can operate at f/8 which comes in handy when telephoto as well as teleconverter combinations are used.

White Balance System: Upgraded with slight firmware improvement

3.2 inches 921,000-dot LCD screen (Live Mode)

Full 1080p HD Broadcast-Quality

Scene Recognition System: 2,016 RGB sensor gathers information to direct metering as well as white balance systems to adjust color and exposure

Features: Wireless flash control, dual memory card slots, uncompressed video recording through HDMI

Benefits Offered by Nikon D610

The Nikon D610 makes use of NIKKOR Lenses and captures stunning details to provide life like sharp pictures. Whether the camera is used for shooting pictures of people, landscapes or close-ups, the D610 provides faithful color reproduction. The camera’s remarkable AF range coupled with f/8 compatibility enables Action as well as wildlife photography. With Nikon’s Scene Recognition System consisting of 3D Color Matrix and Metering II, it is possible to consistently shoot beautiful Images as the 2,016p RGB sensor evaluates each and every scene considering a number of aspects such as brightness, contrast, scene colors and subject’s distance within the time needed to press the release button of the shutter.

Further, Nikon D610 comes with two video formats: shoot 1080p HD with frame rates of 34p, 25p or 30p and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression and 720 HD at frame rates of 30p,50p or 60p for smooth playback of subjects that are moving fast or creating slow-motion footage at the time of processing. As the camera is Wi-Fi compatible, it is easy to share photos. The optional wireless mobile adapter WU-1b helps to transfer photos to the tablet, smartphone or any other Wi-Fi enabled device. In addition to the pop-up flash that is built in, Nikon Speedlight (optional) can be added to have enhanced lighting possibilities.


the standard accessories that come in the pack such as rechargeable Li-ion battery, quick charger, USB Cable, LCD Monitor cover, rubber eyecup, strap, eyepiece cap, body cap, accessory shoe cap and NX 2 CD-ROM, the price is $1,999.99 for Nikon D610.

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Nikon D300s – Sleek Body, High Resolution Images

Price: $1,629.95 Nikon D300S 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)

The Nikon D300s is going to produce excellent image quality at 12.3 MP, with a CMOS sensor for high resolution image quality, you will experience exceptional image quality, no matter where you are snapping the shots. With the EXPEED image processing, and D- Movie HD video, which can capture 24 frames per second, you can capture the finest images, and video quality at up to 720 p, for excellent viewing pleasure on such a portable device. The 3” super density, LCD touch screen and one button line view, allow you to easily find the feature, the type of image quality that you want to capture, and allows you to easily set up the camera to the perfect mode, for video recording or to take pictures. With a rugged body, you can take this camera anywhere, and experience excellent video and image quality regardless of where you are shooting.

What the Nikon D300s delivers –

Price: $1,629.95 Nikon D300S 12.3MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD (Body Only)

When you choose this camera, some of the additional features that it provides include:

– Low noise stills and 24 frames per second, when shooting video in 720 p image quality.

– Still image shooting at 7 to 8 frames per second, for auto images when you are taking pictures of something that is in motion.

– Factory calibrated LCD touch screen monitor, guaranteeing it is sensitive to the touch, and will easily take you to the settings you want to use, whether you are shooting video or taking pictures.

– A 51 point auto focus which includes 3D tracking, precise auto focus, and the sharpest picture quality in each and every frame.

– A scene recognition system along with active d lighting, resulting in the finest quality image, no matter where you are, the camera will auto focus to that particular scene or location.

– In camera image edit feature, so you can edit, modify, or recreate any shot, before you share, upload, or print it out to show to others.

All of these great features come in an extremely rugged and durable black frame body; and, with every charge, on a full battery you can take up to 950 shots, making this the perfect camera for those who travel often, or are outdoors on a regular basis, and do not have the time to charge the camera after every single use. No matter where you choose to use it, or what you are going to be shooting with this camera, it can withstand any use, any conditions, and any set destinations that you are planning on taking it out to.

If you are upgrading from an older Nikon, or if you are transitioning over to Nikon from a different manufacturer, you are going to love what this camera has to offer; not only for image quality, but also when it comes to video shooting capabilities. Even though you are going to pay a little more for this camera, the well known name brand and brand recognition, the design, the ease of use, and all the excellent features, make it worth the price that you will pay when you choose this as your next new camera.


A Refined Look From a Trusted Name Brand – The Nikon D80

The Nikon D80 packs a 10.2 mega pixel CCD quality image, which is going to provide enough detail for traditional sized images, or large photos as well. In .2 seconds, the 2.5” LCD touch screen fires up, and you are ready to get started taking professional grade images, and quality video for any shoot you are doing. It can capture in both RAW and JPEG quality, allowing for a less grainy finish, and finer quality images; and, the built in burst mode allow you to capture three frames per second, up to 100 frames. This is ideal for a photo shoot, or for continual shooting in a fast paced environment. In camera retouching and image reshaping allows you to work on a picture, before it ever leaves the memory card, or is printed out.

Price: $1,499.99 Nikon D80 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera Kit with 18-135mm AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens

The 18-135 Nikon lenses are included, and image optimization features allow you to recreate, touch up, and perfect any image. Even if you are not shooting in great lighting, or if there are flaws in the images you are shooting, this camera is going to allow for discretion in your shots, and will allow you to capture excellent image quality, with the ability to touch up and work on the images, right from the touch screen LCD. If you are in a hurry, or want to capture an image that is moving, the LCD screen is going to turn on in just 0.2 seconds, meaning you do not have to wait several seconds to fire up, and do not have to worry about missing the perfect shot, no matter where you are shooting.

Price: $1,499.99 Nikon D80 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera Kit with 18-135mm AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens

Higher performance and resolution are both distinct features you can expect from this camera, which comes in a slimmer body than other Nikon professional grade cameras on the market. The high performance family of interchangeable lenses, also makes using this camera perfect for anyone looking for excellent quality, or looking to create a distinct series of shots, regardless of where they are shooting. An advanced auto exposure system refines any image, and makes up for grain and other poor quality lighting you might be shooting in, allowing you to capture the finest shots, regardless of the surrounding conditions that you are working in with your Nikon D80.

Precision white balance is another great feature, preserving the integrity of any image or anything that you are trying to capture with the camera. Three optimized color modes also allow you to make up for poor shooting conditions, or allow you to enhance certain bright or dark areas that you want to capture, depending on the location of the shoot you are working on. A slim camera design also makes for a more ergonomic design, meaning the camera is great for anyone, regardless of how they like to shoot. Built in slide show functions and built in flash, also allow you to work on series of images, and capture the best quality image, regardless of the lighting situation you are shooting in, when you are working with your new Nikon D80 camera.

Click in Style with Stylish and Powerful Nikon D7100

Nikon D600 proved to be an attractive package for a lot of photographers who wanted to try full-frame photography, but most amateurs were not happy about the financial outlay. It just seemed to be too much. Fortunately, Nikon D7100 was released and grabbed everyone’s attention. It offers advanced specifications in a reasonable price range.

Design and features

Price: $999.00 Nikon D7100 24.1 MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Auto Focus-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens

Although D7100 comes with only APS-C sensor, this should not be a reason to shy away. This is because D7100 offers 24.1 Megapixels, exceptional shooting rate of 6 frames per second and No optical low pass filter. You can even benefit from 7 frames per second if you choose to reduce the camera’s resolution to 15.4 Megapixels.

Nikon D7100 takes away anti-aliasing filter or OLPF to increase image quality and sharpness. Due to this feature, D7100 becomes the perfect camera for landscape photographers.However, it can sometimes cause a bit noticeable moire on videos and images.

With D7100, Nikon is offering the new 51 point AF system. It also comes with 15 cross type points. This is much better than Nikon D600’s 39 point system. In fact, it matches the capabilities of professional D4.

When you handle this camera for the first time, it will look and feel a bit similar to D7000. However, it is slightly bigger than its predecessor. It is even lighter and offers better handling. Just like other cameras from Nikon, D7100 also features a dual-dial control system. It can be used for changing shutter speed and aperture parameters.

Other buttons in the camera are also easily accessible and allow you to even shoot with just one hand. The mode dial in Nikon D7100 also comes with a centre locking button. You can press it to adjust your shooting selection.

D7100 has a large 3.2 inches LCD screen with some buttons you can use to easily access various camera function. For instance, you can press the i’ button to bring up the most recent Settings for certain adjustments in your camera. The best part is that D7100 also features built in focus motor. It allows you to use even those lenses which don’t have their own AF motors.

According to most customers, Nikon D7100 is an excellent performer. With this camera, you can easily grab almost unlimited JPEG shots in a continuous mode.

Image Quality

Price: $999.00 Nikon D7100 24.1 MP DX-Format CMOS Digital SLR with 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Auto Focus-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens

Nikon D7100 is an exceptional camera which offers sharper images. Unlike other cameras from Nikon in the same price range, this one offers much better image quality. This can be attributed to the removal of anti-aliasing filter or OLPF. It also seems that Nikon made some improvements in the automatic exposure and metering controls.

The camera does not blow out highlights in certain areas like previous versions did. In addition to this, the dynamic range of D7100 is also exceptional. However, it seems to give more latitude in low light conditions rather than highlights.

For almost every purpose, Video quality of the camera is also near perfect. It provides a sharp and clear Image from the sensor. Picture styles and default settings deliver an exceptional, contrasty image. Therefore, you will find it beneficial to easily switch to a flatter style and even play with the camera’s settings.

It won’t be wrong to say that Nikon D7100 is a perfect combination of usability and performance. It is a proficient performer and caters to various needs of all kinds of photographers.

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A Comprehensive Review of Nikon D3S

The Nikon D3 has made a huge impact in the professional sector and in the DSLR market. The D3 had an unmatched image quality which captured the minds of numerous photographers at the time. By releasing the Nikon D3S, Nikon was building on the success of the D3. The D3S has refined rather than completely overhauling its predecessor. In fact, there are very little changes on the D3S.

Price: $1,899.95 Nikon D3S 12.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and 24fps 720p HD Video Capability (Body Only)

It is very hard to differentiate between the D3S and the D3 at a glance. However, the D3S has some new improvements such a new video capture mode of 720x1280p and several other minor changes that make the camera more competitive than is predecessor. The minor improvements are both external and internal. The D3S uses a different sensor than that in the D3. It uses a new 12.1 mega pixel full-frame sensor (36x24mm). The new redesigned sensor supports 720p HD video mode and does better in low light conditions. The native sensitivity range in the D3S is ISO 200-12,800 which can be extended to ISO 100-102,400. It also supports a “shake-it-off” cleaning system.

Key Features in the Nikon D3S

720x1280p/ 24 fps HD video capture mode frames per
second in both DX and continuous A fine-turned Multi
-CAM3500FX AF sensor whichhas improved tracking and
acquisition A 12-channel readout and 14-bit AD conversion

Nikon EXPEED processing engine

Extremely fast operation (shutter lag 41ms,
blackout 74ms and power-up 12mp AF and AE sensor
for Scene Recognition System)

Compact Flash UDMA

Support 3.0 Inch 922,000 pixel LCD screen. The Monitor has
a control panel display that changes in dark conditions


Image Quality and Performance

Price: $1,899.95 Nikon D3S 12.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and 24fps 720p HD Video Capability (Body Only)

video output
Auto Focus calibration
Sealed buttons to prevent entry of moisture
A standard dual battery charger

Generally, the Nikon D3S is an unbelievable performer and has similar stats like the D3. It has a large buffer with more than 30 RAW frames in a single burst which makes it to respond very fast. Nikon believes the D3S has a good battery life that can withstand 4,200 frames before recharging. In addition, the camera has a better white balance system that produces amazing images on automatic settings. The camera also has low-light capabilities compared to its predecessor. Despite its amazing ISO 100-102,400, the camera loses a lot of details. At native and low sensitivity ranges, the camera produces vibrant colors. The camera has a better Multi-CAM3500FX AF sensor which has been fine-turned to improve tracking and acquisition.


Nikon has improved the handling of this camera by changing the user control menu into buttons and dials. For instance, the Live View button has been moved from the Shooting Method dial. Notably, you can set the noise reduction, Color Space and Picture Control buttons from the rear LCD without using the menu system.

Despite its few shortcomings, the Nikon D3S is just amazing for photographers who value high shutter speeds, a good battery life and a superior performance in low-light conditions. Some features in the camera will definitely trickle down to the latest DSLR models. Although the Nikon D3S was built to ride on the success of the D3, it has better features that will capture any photographer.

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Nikon D3S movie- I AM AN AGENT

Nikon D200 – Excellent, Compact Camera, At a Great Price

The Nikon D200, originally introduced in November 2005 as a successor to the Nikon D100, is a midrange digital SLR camera that comes with a rugged body, plentiful controls and accessories, excellent image quality, compact design, superior build quality and strong performance. It represented a major upgrade over the D100 and shares far more with the Nikon D2X, the latest in Nikon’s series of DSLR’s, in terms of performance than its earlier version. It’s clear it was launched to compete with Canon EOS 5D.

Product Description

The D200 features a new design that seems like a hybrid of the Nikon D50/D70 and D2 series. The camera’s body construction, including the lightweight magnesium metal framing, is similar to that of a D2X camera. Its pop-up flash, battery and size are more like those of the D100/70/50 progression, but its feature set, menus and button layout mimic those of a D2X.

The body feels light and looks right. The markings are clear and lines clean, giving the camera a smoother feel compared to the D1 series. Many of the camera’s controls and buttons are identical to those of the D2X, but the camera’s overall handling is easy and efficient.

The Nikon D200 uses a 10.2 million pixel CCD sensor made by Sony, allowing for production of top quality 3872 x 2592 pixel images – enough to create straight-from-camera prints up to 11×16″ without the need for resizing.

The battery performance is good, but it largely depends on how the camera is used. It produces a superb performance when shooting JPEG only. In fact, the camera can handle 800 (JPEG) shots per charge. But when it comes to shooting NEF or NEF+JPEG, it can be disappointing.

The performance of Compact-Flash write is excellent, but it’s still below that of D2X. With the correct card, the D200 can easily achieve 8MBs write speed.

The autofocus performance is also great. It’s better than that of the D70, but worse than that of the D2X. Like the D100, the D200 works best in low light conditions when the central AF sensor is the active sensor. The camera’s outlaying sensors are also good.

With an excellent color consistency across the ISO values (96% at ISO 1600, 99% at ISO 100, for example), the Nikon D200 color integrity is simply wonderful. But the saturation may be slightly lower for Adobe RGB images. While its resolution is far below the D2X level, the D200 produces respectable landscape shots, with enough details. It packs plenty of pixels, and acquires and produces them very well.


– Magnesium alloy body
– 10. 2mp CCD sensor
– Optical Low Pass Filter
– High speed 4-channel data output
– New 11-area AF system
– Built-in Speedlight with flash control
– New high-performance EN-EL3e rechargeable lithium ion battery
– Large, bright viewfinder
– 2.5 LCD with ultra-wide 170 degree viewing angle
– GPS support
– “30“ 1/8,000 sec. shutter speeds
– 5 fps in bursts of up to 22 NEF images or 37 JPEG images
– Image optimization modes
– 3D Color Matrix Metering II
– Full support for Nikon creative lighting system
– Nikon’s PictureProject software


– Comes with many superb customization features and options
– Has a robust build quality and set of features
– It’s affordable (probably the cheapest “semi professional” camera available)


– It uses old technology and the sensors are somewhat noisy
– The camera has no auto modes


The Nikon D200 offers great value for money. It’s perfect for advanced users who need a good photographer’s camera with many customization features but are working with a tight budget.

Nikon D5000 – A Photographer’s Delight


Nikon D5000

was launched by the company as a high-end entry level Digital SLR. With this camera, Nikon is trying to target amateur photographers who’ve just begun to take an interest in photography, but want to step up from a standard budget model. In the last couple of years, D5000 has become extremely popular among photographers who want to ‘up’ their game.


this camera resembles its predecessor, D60. However, this camera includes a lot of key aspects of high-end cameras like D90. For instance, D5000 features HD movie recording and Live View. Moreover, it is also the first Digital SLR from Nikon to come with an articulated screen.

General Product Features

has made a clear attempt to swap the 10.2 MP CCD of D40 and D60 with the 12.3 MP CMOS sensor which was available in Nikon D90. Due to this, D5000 is also able to offer the same kind of picture quality and base sensitivity range. With a range of 200-3200 ISO, which is extendable to 100-6400 ISO with Lo 1 and Hi 1 options, this may be one of the best cameras in this price range. The camera

also features Nikon’s vibration low-pass filter and Airflow system combat dust.

also used the same kind of imaging pipeline which was used by the company in Nikon D90. However, D5000 additionally features 12 bit analog to digital conversion and EXPEED processor. It offers automatic lateral chromatic correction and Active D-lighting options on JPEGs. With this camera, Nikon has also tried to add some new and innovative processing tricks which go beyond the scope of Nikon D90. Some of these include Color Outline, Soft Filter, Perspective Controls and 1:1 & 16:9 trimming options.

Just like

Nikon D90, shutter block in this camera is rated for 100,000 cycles. However, you might experience some problems with continuous shooting. It is not very quick. Unlike D90, Nikon D5000 features a bit slow speed with 4 frames per second. But, it is worth mentioning that most entry level Digital SLRs feature 3-3.5 frames per second speed. Therefore, D5000 is still considerably faster than other options available in the market in this price range. D5000 has also inherited the processing pipeline and sensor of D90. This way, it is able to offer two key benefits over previous versions. These include HD video recording and Live View.

Making Live

View is easier and more useful than other Nikon Digital SLRs because of the inclusion of an articulated screen on the back of the camera. Interestingly, this articulated screen is hinged at the bottom, but still allows flexibility while filming movies and composing in Live View.

Image Quality

comes with the tried and tested approach of Nikon D90 with some additional features for a better upgrade. With a compact body, articulated screen and other features, this camera provide better noise reduction and picture quality. It is able to provide you with clearer and sharper images with some high quality lenses. Using prime lenses with this camera will be a much better choice.

is very easy and fun to use. It is a very user friendly camera which will instantly become your most favorite companion. It is an exceptional DSLR with excellent performance. Features and benefits provided by this camera certainly make it worth a shot and outweigh the cost. It also works fine in low light conditions. You can easily and conveniently buy this camera online at a discounted price.

Nikon D700 – Optimal Precision, Elegant Design, Great Image Quality


When purchasing a camera, it is a good idea to buy from a trusted manufacturer; with the Nikon D700 you are going to receive just that, and several great features that will truly make your image quality stand out. With a 12.1 mega pixel, FX format, and CMOS sensor, you can’t get much better image quality than what this camera is going to produce. And, a large 3.2” LCD screen, 92,000 VGA dot resolution, you can capture quality shots, and easily find the best features and shooting modes, when working with the touch screen for image capture.

Some additional features that you are going to love, which the Nikon D700 boasts include:

– Tempered glass LCD for optimal protection, and to avoid scratches, cracking, or other possible damage.

– A 170 degree wide viewing angle, ensuring great image quality, and the ability to view your entire shooting field with every shot you take.

– A 51 point AF system is both fast, and extremely accurate, meaning even if you do not capture the best image, the camera is going to do the other half of the job for you.

– There is a 3D focus tracking, as well as two live modes that you can shoot in, giving you a wide range of discretion when taking quality images.

A 100 up to 12800 base ISO range, can be expanded, and with a start time of just 0.12 seconds, you will never miss the opportunity to take a quality shot, or to capture something that you do not see everyday. With recording speeds of up to 35 mega bytes per second, you can capture anything, in quality still frame, and recording quality. A scene recognition mode also ensures you are going to capture excellent quality, even if you are not a professional photographer.

The camera will automatically adjust for the scene and the environment that you are shooting in, to make up for any deficiencies in the shooting that you are going to do with the Nikon D700. This feature also allows for dust reduction, and eliminates any of the imperfections that may have made their way into your image; in turn, you will get a glare free, dust free image, even if the camera has to do most of the work for you.

A 12 channel read out also allows for quick file transfer, when you remove the SD card, and want to transfer the images to a computer, or would like to print them out. The 100 to 12800 ISO range also allows photographers to gain a new found respect for any shooting conditions, and any lighting conditions they are in; the camera will make up for dim lighting, or will adjust automatically for a darker or lighter shooting arena, so that you can capture an excellent shot, regardless of where you are taking the images from.

With several great features, and exceptional built in assistance, whether you are a professional photographer, or just a weekend amateur that wants to improve on your shooting skills, the Nikon D700 is a great camera to help you improve on certain skill deficiencies.

Nikon D5200 – The Definitive Must-Read Review!


Price: $799.00 Nikon D5200 CMOS DSLR with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Red)

If you want to capture photos at incredible levels of detail and accuracy plus record flawless HD video at ultra-high frame-rates then the Nikon D5200 with its 24.1 Megapixel image sensor is definitely worth considering. However, with several cameras on the market at a similar price level, it is essential to first know if it is the best model available before handing over your cash. Thankfully, we have put together this definitive review to provide you with the answer!

Price: $799.00 Nikon D5200 CMOS DSLR with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Red)

Outstanding Performance In Low Light Levels!

One of the most impressive features of the Nikon D5200 is its fantastic performance in low light conditions. Many cameras, even those significantly more expensive than this model, can struggle to deal with poorly lit environments. Nikon has included the latest specially developed technology to overcome this. This ensures that, if you purchase the D5200, never again will a special moment be poorly captured due to less than optimal lighting conditions.

Perhaps The Greatest Picture Quality In The World!

Price: $438.00 Nikon D5200 24.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera Body Only (Black) (Renewed)

Any claim to produce the highest quality image ever seen from a camera would rightly be met with skepticism. However, in the case of the Nikon D5200 it is a claim which is actually true. You will be staggered and blown away by the incredibly detailed, high resolution images produced by the 24.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor. The colors are vivid and the contrast is perfect which combines perfectly together to produce the clearest, crispest images you’ll ever have seen.

Shoot Perfectly Smooth Full 1080p HD Movies!

Not only does the Nikon D5200 capture photos in mesmerising detail and clarity but it also does the same when shooting video. Even shooting at the ultra-high and extremely demanding HD resolution of full 1080p, the D5200 doesn’t skip a beat and produces the smoothest, silkiest videos you’ll ever shoot.

Quick Battery Charging – 90 Minutes Or Less!

For serious users of a high-quality camera such as the D5200 it is vitally important that it charges efficiently and is fully charged and ready to use quickly again. Here the camera excels with it fully recharging in less than 90 minutes with the included charger. What’s more, it has excellent battery life with 1000+ photos being able to be taken on a single charge in most cases.

Tremendous Quality Build, Feels Good In Your Hands!

Price: $749.95 Nikon D5200 Digital SLR Bundle with 18-55mm & 55-200mm Non-VR Lenses (Black)

It’s important when spending a good chunk of change on a new piece of technology that it feels good to use; that it’s comfortable and sturdy in your hands. Once again, the D5200 shines in this department. It is lightweight yet durable and feels really comfortable to use.

Awesome Special Effects!

If you’re looking to take your photography and recording to the next level then you’re really going to love the stunning special effects that can be added to each photo and movie. Options include Silhouette, Selective Color and Color Sketch – all of which can take a great clip or photo and make it extraordinary.

16 Different Scene Modes!

Normally certain types of photograph can be quite difficult to take for even the most experienced of photographers. Thankfully the D5200 makes it easy with 16 scene modes which automatically configures the perfect settings for whatever scene you’re shooting. This is extremely helpful.

Summing Up – Simply Fantastic!

When looking at all of its features in combination it quickly becomes clear that, at this price point, the Nikon D5200 is an unbeatable proposition for serious photographers and video recorders. With unparalleled image quality and a whole host of tremendous extras it is definitely a brilliant choice – highly recommended!

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The first promotional video from Nikon for the Nikon D5200

Optimal Resolution from Your Nikon D3X


For photographers who want to get up close and personal, the Nikon D3X is a great camera to consider. At 24.5 MP, FX format, CMOS sensor, not many cameras have a much higher resolution on the market today. The EXPEED image resolution technologies means faster image capture, and optimal speed if you are trying to capture more shots in a shorter time period. The 3” super density touch screen is extremely sensitive, smudge proof, and is extremely crisp, if you want to use the touch screen to take images and get excellent quality shots each time you are ready to shoot. You also have the option of 2 live shooting modes, and continuous shooting can be set, being able to attain up to 5 frames per second, if you are shooting something that is in motion.

As a professionalphotographer, the Nikon D3X is the definitive choice when it comes to selecting a new camera. If you need precision in every shot, and expect nothing short of perfection at a photo shoot, you can expect just that with this camera. Capturing NEF raw files, which produce 138 MB when captured, any photo that you take, whether it is on a photo shoot, in studio, or anywhere else, is sure to trump the quality of any other camera that you have ever owned in the past. With an ISO sensitivity range going from 100 to 1600, whether you are in extreme bright light, or low, dim light settings, you can expect excellent image quality with each snap.

At 24.5 MP, you can see it all; extreme detail, attention to detail, and ever minute detail you want to capture, will be captured with this extreme close up view you can get with this Nikon model. With up to 27X magnification, you can’t get much closer, especially with the higher MP count; so, if you want a closeup, this camera is going to be really close up, and will capture every small attention to detail, light, color, shadow, and other details, that other cameras are bound to miss. You can select depth bit from 12, 14, or 16-bit, each one producing a stunning image, and smooth gradations if you are shooting in harsh conditions.

With two shooting modes, you can capture extreme image clarity and quality; in the tripod shooting mode, you can also use the auto focus feature, to ensure clarity is achieved with every shot you take. A 51 point AF system, 3D focus tracking, and 3D color matrix metering, every image, in any setting, is going to come out perfectly, regardless of the surrounding circumstances when you are taking those images. With a rugged, aluminum alloy body, this camera is also indestructible.

As a professional, nothing short of perfect is going to do. Although this camera will set you back (around $5000, depending on where you shop), the Nikon D3X is not going to disappoint. So, if you can afford it, and are purchasing a professional grade camera, this is surely one of the top contenders that you should be looking at when choosing the new camera.

Capture The World with The Nikon D90


The critically praised and excellent Nikon D80 has a worthy descendant, in the form of the new Nikon D90. Boasting an impressive 12.3 megapixel sensor, compared to its predecessor’s 10 megapixels, the D90 brings also some new stunning improvements that will likely make it one of the best medium level DSLR cameras on the market. Surely, the competition is fierce as it is, with Canon bringing the older 10 megapixels 40D to the table, while Sony bringing the Alpha DSLR-A700 in the game.

Holding the Nikon D90 brings the first conclusion. Sitting at 1 pound and 10 ounces, it is heavier than its predecessor, but in terms of size, it is about the same as the D80. Also, the grip, the battery package and setting is the same, while the flash controls and speed flash features have changed only a little. There is a new and improved dust prevention system, a better shutter durability, making the D90 even better than the D300 in this regard. Good enhancements were made to the LCD screen as well, now having a high quality-polymer covering, instead of glass.

The camera is comfortable to hold and the weight difference is almost unnoticeable after a while, while the navigation controls are easily accessible even for the novice user. Of course, if you are switching from another brand, you should expect some accommodation time to the Nikon buttons and dials. For instance, the D90 has the ISO, quality and white balance controls on the left side of the LCD, compared to other brands.

The dedicated Live View button is located to the right of the LCD screen, featuring a four-way switch, including the OK button. The dials also include a switch to lock the navigation mode, the AF settings button and a context sensitive button. While setting the various features, you can adjust the AE-L/AF-L behavior, the Fn button, the long exposure noise setting. The custom settings area includes the AF mode choices (Dynamic, Single Point or Auto) and the self-timer delay feature.

The Nikon D90 boasts an excellent movie making feature, with an impressive 1,280×720 maximum resolution at 24 frames per second. It also supports both motion JPEG and VR optical image stabilization. Some downsides however are the monaural sound and the only manual focus during filming. The camera relies on the TV to make the conversion to HD resolution for images, while the 24 fps doesn’t actually match the 23.976 fps most TVs have, resulting in occasional stuttering.

Another feature included in the Nikon D90 is face detection, enabled in the Live View settings, part of the Expeed image processor. Nikon has included the face detection algorithm to work with metering and the AF.

Other improvements over the predecessor are new shooting controls, new Active D-Lighting parameters, custom Picture Control settings, advanced scene modes with every parameter previous installed available, as well as an automatic shutter slower when the camera has a VR lens attached. The camera also includes a socket for GP-1 GPS device.

On the whole, the new Nikon D90 is a worthy successor for the magnificent D80, featuring improvements, better overall design and features. While lacking in certain aspects, such as a slightly confusing menu and settings dialogue, the camera is definitely an excellent medium ranged DSLR.

Is Nikon D600 Worth Buying? – The Entire Truth Revealed


Nikon D600 is manufactured to cater enthusiasts looking for an affordable full-frame DSLR. If you are planning on upgrading from a mid-range model to a less expensive higher-end camera, Nikon D600 might be a perfect choice for you. Introduced to the market previous year, this model is positioned between Nikon D800 and Nikon D7000. It combines a number of features of both models. Getting substantially closer to the conventional SLR (35 millimeters), this model carries a low cost as compared to any of its full-frame predecessors.

Major Features

Price: $1,995.99 Nikon D600 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Kit with 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED Nikkor Lens

You get 100 percent viewfinder coverage along with the new 24 Mega Pixel FX format sensor (full-frame). The 3.2 inches screen is undoubtedly one of the most prominent features this camera offers in addition to the twin SD card slots. Nikon D600 comes with a 39-point AF system, which is well-matched with lenses up to f8. It also features a built-in AF motor that can drive non AF-S lenses. With an extended sensitivity range of about 50 to 25600 ISO, D600 provides amazing opportunity to the photographer to be artistic and imaginative. It offers 2016 pixels metering sensor plus a built-in flash. Nikon D600’s interesting movie mode presents 1080 pixels at 24, 25 and 30p. It includes the mic input, DX-crop mode, a headphone jack and HDMI output just like Nikon D800. Moreover, Nikon D600 works with wireless adapter (WU-1b) that allows remote control functionality with compatible iOS and Android devices.


Price: $1,995.99 Nikon D600 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Kit with 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED Nikkor Lens

It offers 24.3 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor (Full Frame) plus 10.5 Mega Pixel DX format crop mode.

Design and controls

Nikon D600 seems like a firm, well-built semi-pro DLS. It is smaller in size as compared to Nikon D800. It is noticeably lighter than other Nikon cameras. The different is enough to make you feel good about carrying it around all day long, but not too much to raise questions about its quality.

Dimensions: 141 x 113 x 82 millimeters

Weight: 850g (with cards and battery)

Price: $1,085.55 Nikon D600 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera with 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR AF-S Nikkor Lens 

Nikon D600 offers a smaller grip than other models. However, it retains a small notch inside that makes the user feel a firm hold. Two command dials are present on the top of the camera grip. The main command dial is present on the rear panel. The sub-command dial is customizable, but the main purpose is aperture control. Nikon D600’s rear panel control outline is somewhat of a hybrid, merging features from both D800 and D7000. The 3.2 inches LCD screen is similar to that of Nikon D800’s. It is a VGA screen having 3:2 image area and 4:3 proportions.

Nikon D600 lens

This model comes with an AF-S 24-85 millimeters, f 3.5-4.5 G ED VR zoom lens, which is ideal for those who have just started working with full-frame body. Most interestingly, Nikon D600 is compatible with DX lenses. Therefore, individuals planning on upgrading their cameras will not have to replace all the lenses, because DX lenses possess small imaging circle as compared to the FX sensor.


Nikon D600 was introduced to the US market in September, 2012. It is available for $2,100 (body only), and for $2,700 with the kit.

Price: $699.00 Nikon D600 24.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Certified Refurbished)


Overall it is a capable camera and worth buying.

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I am the Nikon D600 by Brett Florens

The Secret Behind Crisp Clear Images- Nikon D7000


When it comes to accuracy, flexibility, modernity and quality nothing beats Nikon D7000. It comes with lots of features that not only make it convenient to handle but also very friendly to easy to use. D7000 introduces a complete change of affairs-in the Nikon line of products. Unlike its predecessors which were at times faulted for being overly priced and clumsy, this camera model comes with lots of goodness. It retails at fairly competitive prices and has all the essential inputs and features that every prolific photographer would wish for.

Nikon D7000 Review

Price: $999.95 Nikon D7000 16.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens (Black)

At a glance, D7000 closely resembles D90. In fact it’s quite common to come across review articles pitting the two models.

All the same, some of the keynote features that set the D7000 miles ahead of the pack include:

* 16.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor

Important for tight photo cropping and large format printing.

* Twin SD card slots

An essential feature for shooters who want to cast away any worries of running out of memory during a session. Please note that one can utilize the memory cards in different modes-with one card complementing the other.

* An expansive LCD screen

D7000’s wide screen comes with 170 degree viewing capacity. It is known to deliver crisp clear and precise images.

* Scene Recognition System

This feature gives you the freedom to choose from various scene modes like: child scene mode, sports mode, landscape mode, portrait mode etc. It is essential for the delivery of remarkable results even in challenging physical conditions.

* Built-in HDMI connection

Price: $999.95 Nikon D7000 16.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens (Black)

This feature opens D7000 to the rest of the world-quite literary. With built-in HDMI connection you can use the camera with your HDTV. In fact you can control it with most HDTV remote controls-now that is what flexibility is all about!

* Amazing Picture Control

Unlike other typical camera models available in the market today, D7000 allows you to choose from a plethora of picture look options. This is a fantastic feature for users who would like to add a personal touch to their work. Among the picture control choices that you can choose from include: monochrome, vivid, neutral, landscape and portrait control modes.

* 3d Color Matrix

This ground breaking addition crowns the D7000 camera model the king of control and accuracy. With this 2016-pixel RGB feature, you can enjoy more light metering control flexibility. In addition, the feature makes it possible to optimize the performance of other features like scene recognition system and white balance.

* 1080p HD-With Full Time Autofocus

This last feature is purposely installed for movie recording. It is essential for the production of cinematic quality images.


Well a few qualms with the otherwise superbly designed camera would be that its grip is not really that coarse. This is however compensated for by a pronounced bulge.

Bottom Line

Nikon D7000 is not just superior. It is the king of the digital camera revolution. Safe for the minor downsides (this is expected with any device), the camera stands tall as a superb choice for anyone looking to enjoy a different chapter of photography. We highly recommend this product!

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The Nikon D3100 – Is It A Good Camera For Amateurs


The Nikon D3100 is a digital SLR camera that, by looking at the price, is at the lower end of the SLR market. This initially makes you believe that it could be a fantastic introductory camera for the enthusiastic amateur, but to actually determine if this is indeed the case it is best to spend some time looking at what the camera is able to offer you and to compare the positives and negatives of potentially owning one.

First, the Nikon D3100 comes with 14.2MP and a CMOS image sensor and this means it is capable of giving you fantastic images with vivid colors and it is also powered by their fantastic EXPEED 2 image processing engine. When it comes to its ISO readings, then it can range from 100 to 3200 with this able to be extended up to 12800 with this having an impact on the noise that is picked up on the photos with it leading to you being able to take this crystal clear shots.

One thing that you will also find with this model is that it comes with the Nikon auto focus system and this is quite an impressive piece of kit as it is able to focus on those little movements and make sure that they come out looking sharp. The Live View is also impressive as it can pick out up to 35 faces in a single shot and if that person moves slightly, then the technology can follow them and keep them in focus until you are ready to take the snap. Finally, it also has a scene auto selector and what this does is it allows the camera to select the mode that it believes is the best one for the settings with this, yet again, making a real difference in the quality of the shot that you then take.

Apart from photographs, the Nikon D3100 is also capable of taking some movies as well and this is done in HD and with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and with built in sound it does mean that those little clips can come out looking and sounding pretty good indeed. You are then able to link it up to your HD television due to its HDMI cable and then look at your handywork on the big screen rather than the smaller one you are restricted to on the camera.

All of this is achieved with a camera that is lightweight since it weighs only 1lb, is relatively compact, but still offers you more than enough space on the back to play with all of the dials without you inadvertently hitting them with your fingers. This all sounds good, but what is it actually like to use and what are the main positives and negatives associated with the Nikon D3100?

A major positive has to be the vibrancy of the colors in the shots that you can take with this model as it does result in you being able to take fantastic shots that really do stand out without the colors being too overpowering and dominating the shot. The high ISO performance is also very good and it does mean that you are able to take great photos indoors and using artificial light without noise disrupting it and with it having a fantastic battery life you can take a number of shots without having to worry about losing power. The fact that it is also lightweight does mean it does not weigh heavily on your shoulders as you carry it around and overall it is a camera that can easily adapt to different conditions without too many problems.

There are one or two negatives, but how important they are does depend upon how seriously you take your photography and what you want to get out of owning the D3100. The LCD screen, for example, does come with a higher resolution on other models than it does with this, but as long as you take that extra few seconds to take your shot it should not affect things that much. The Live Mode is also quite slow at times, but the easy way to get around this problem is by using the viewfinder so this is also just a small complaint with what is otherwise a great camera.

So in conclusion it has to be said that if you want to start using an SLR camera, then the Nikon D3100 is certainly a good model to buy. It does all of the basics very well and it is a fraction of the price of other SLR cameras that are out there for sale right now, but when you see that the number of positives are far superior to the number of negatives, then this is all of the evidence you require to at least consider spending money and buying this.

Nikon D3000 – Designed To Make Photography Simple And Fun


The all new Nikon D3000 is an entry-level digital SLR camera designed with a view to make photography fun and simple for beginners. The D3000 primarily aims at photographers who like to take Pictures without worrying about the features and settings of the camera. This is an intelligently designed camera that asks you to aim at the object you want to capture and automatically optimizes the settings accordingly to deliver the best possible results. Once you’ve gained experience of handling the camera proficiently, you can learn the settings through Guide Mode to make the adjustments yourself. The Nikon D3000 features a 10.2 megapixel sensor, 3-inch LCD screen, EXPEED processing system, 11-point auto focus system and 3 fps continuous shooting. All these features are available only for $599.95.

Basic Specifications of Nikon D3000

Price: $699.95 Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

Resolution: 10.20 Megapixel Sensor size: APS-C Kit Lens: 3.00x zoom: 18-55mm: (27-83mm eq.)Viewfinder: Optical / No LCD ISO: 100-3200 Shutter: 30-1/4000 Max Aperture: 3.5Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.8 x 2.5 inches.Weight: 28.2 oz (800 g)

Build and Design

The D3000 looks and feels extremely light and professional. Although it doesn’t exhibit anything unique or new in terms of built, but for beginners it is definitely a very decent quality SLR camera. The Nokia D3000 measures 5.0×3.8×2.6 inches, making the entry-level camera portable and easy to carry. It is also identical in shape and size to various top-notch DSLR models in the market. The D3000 sports some cool features like above mentioned Guide Mode which works efficiently and differently as compared to other cameras in this range. Guide mode directs to a menu that allow the users to use multi selector to pick appropriate shooting scenario, and exact auto exposure mode to help them get the best shot. Other prominent Features include a 230,000 dot 3.0 inch LCD, D-Lighting for best exposure in shadows, 3 frames per second shooting and ISO control from 100-1600 with a HI1 setting.

Price: $699.95 Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens

The Nikon D3000 features built-in flash, Fn (function button), AF lock button, shutter, and other buttons to provide you with easy controls to carry on different tasks. The shutter button is slightly different from most DSLR cameras with On/Off switch. It also sports distinctive orange/red hand bar under the shutter release. This function is only available in Nikon cameras.

New Price: $699.95 Price: $379.00 You Save: $320.95 (45%) Nikon D3000 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX VR Nikkor Zoom Lens (Renewed)

Menus and Modes

The menu system in Nikon D3000 has a lot to offer to its users. The multi-selector is a great place to start while browsing through the menu. The menu is straightforward and comes with five different tabs. They include: Playback men, Shooting Menu, Setup Menu, Retouch Menu and Recent Settings Menu.

Storage and battery

As far as storage and battery is concerned, the D3000 stores images on an SD/SDHC memory card. The device uses a 7.2Volt, EN-EL9a 1080mAh lithium-ion battery pack. The battery is quite powerful and allows 550 shots in one charge, while 50% of shots taken with flash on.


Overall, it can be said that Nikon has done a great work with its new entry-level SLR. It is definitely going to be a useful investment for people who are not professional, yet looking forward to capture the most amazing moments of their life in the best possible frame. All in all, the Nikon D3000 is a decent digital SLR for the price it is available at.

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Capture in Style with Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200 is the digital camera that is quite suitable to be used at the entry-level featuring a 24.2 megapixel DX format and an EXPEED 3 processor similar to that of D4 DSLR. This is relatively a new model in the market giving tough competition to other substitutes available. There are certain features unique about this camera that made it quite popular within a very short period of its entry. It embodies some of the basic features of its predecessors along with the developments of some others.

Nikon D3200 is a DSLR camera that is small in size similar to its immediate predecessor D3100. What mainly differentiates the former from the latter is the hand grip that makes it quite suitable for the hand-held shooting. This enables it to have an edge over the other competitors. Though it is smaller in size compared to the other cameras of the company, one need not doubt its quality as it takes pictures of good clarity and brightness that one hardly expects. It is in addition supported by a rubber coating on the hand grip and also on the area of the camera where the thumb rests.

As already mentioned, Nikon D3200 possess some of the features of that of the predecessors in terms of weight, dimensions and position of the external controls. The significant changes that are brought about in this newer version include an infrared remote sensor. This is present in the grip as well as in the rear part of the camera. The red button of D3100 appears in another location in D3200 which has made possible the video recording with one touch. However D3200 is devoid of the drive-mode lever present in D3100 which is a feature that is loved by all and which helped in the easy checking and setting of the driv

Nikon D3200 has inbuilt set up that helps in vibration reduction. This camera is built in the design of typical DLSR and has a shooting mode dial present on the top of it which also enables one to go for the advanced modes such as manual, shutter-priority etc. This camera also carries the advanced version of Guide mode that was found in D3000 which provides some sample pictures to help the photographer in identifying the shot. There are some other options available in it that can reduce the blur and can also soften the backgrounds. The guide mode is exactly that feature which makes it suitable for the beginners as it teaches about the settings that are essential to obtain a desired output.

Nikon D3200 also possesses many retouching tools for the purpose of editing the pictures that were already captured. Color balancing, trimming, resizing, filter effects, distortion correction etc are some of them. These features free one from purchasing the computer programs that do this job. This camera contains a lithium-ion battery and a cordless charger which can be plugged into the socket directly. On the whole, Nikon D3200 is a camera that is suitable to the beginners which is also available at an inexpensive price.

Do not buy Nikon D5100 before you read this!


Digital SLR advancement has gone through a number of different phases by now. At first the battle was to manufacture less-costly models. Once companies achieved this they turned their attention towards the production of cameras with high pixel count. Superior sensitivity levels and enhanced low-light performance were next in queue. This continuous development resulted in expanded camera functionality. Presently, the biggest goal is to make these greatly complex SLRs easier and simpler to use, whilst facilitating the photographers to be creative.

The famous Nikon D5100 perfectly symbolizes the present era in DSLR development. Although it does not have 24 Million Pixels like Nikon D3200, it is an incredible piece of technology. It’s 16.2 Million Pixels, special effects, 3-inch LCD screen and scene modes (fully automated) are enough for most photographers. It seems like Nikon D5100 offers almost everything an aspiring photographer would wish for.


Nikon D5100 is available for $750 in the United States. It costs £550 in the United Kingdom.Features The 16.2 Million Pixels CMOS sensor is one of the prominent features this camera has. It possesses EXPEED 2 processor just like Nikon D7000. This indicates that it saves the images as 14 bit files, and the quality of two cameras is pretty much similar. The metering systems and white balance of Nikon D5100 use data from a 420 pixel RGB sensor. The AF (autofocus) system contains 11 points. Users can set the native sensitivity of this camera from ISO 100 to 6400. The Night Vision Special Effect mode has an ability to push the sensitivity of this camera to ISO 102,400. Shutter speed is 1/250 seconds or faster. Nikon D5100 is capable of shooting at a rate of 4fps continuously for 100 supreme quality JPEGs. It only takes 1 minute 50 seconds to write one hundred excellent JPEGs to an SD card. It has a 920,000 dot, 3-inch screen.

Image Quality and Resolution

16.2 megapixels, very versatile, intuitive controls, articulated screen, excellent performance in low light, and interesting Special Effects modes.

Build and Handling

When you grip Nikon D5100 harder than necessary, it becomes pretty clear that this camera is very well built. Manufacturers have designed it to last. It weighs around 560 grams. With the dimension of 128 x 97 x 79mm, Nikon D5100 is 10 percent lighter and smaller than D5000. The articulate screen is 17 percent thinner than D5000. This camera is extremely easy to grip. On the whole, it is very nicely put together.


Chroma noise is not an issue with this model unlike other Nikon cameras. The colored speckling is very minutely visible in the images captured with this camera at its highest ISO adjustment. The quality of the images improves tremendously when the sensitivity is kept well below the expansion setting. Previously, Nikon cameras have been accused of having too accurate AWB (auto white balance), due to which the true ambiance of a scene cannot be captured. Nikon D5100 eliminates this problem entirely with its comparatively less accurate AWB. All features considered this camera is a very capable one. Useful for both novices and enthusiasts, Nikon D5100 comes with incredible versatility, quality results and an opportunity for creativity.

Nikon D5100 Official Video

Excellent Focus, Premier Shot – The Nikon D800E


For those who are looking for a more affordable option when shopping for a professional camera, the Nikon D800E offers several great product features, and provides users several unique features, providing a great shot and video quality, as well as a price tag that is lower than many other top names, when searching for a great quality camera.

Camera features –

When you choose the Nikon D800E, you are going to get a professional camera, professional shot quality, and excellent angles for an affordable price; some of the features you will enjoy from this camera include:

– 36.3 extreme mega pixel quality in FX format, coming from a CMOS sensor; not only is this much sharper resolution than most other cameras on the market, you are going to get extreme brights, lights, whites, and darks, with such precision capabilities.

– Full 1080 p HD broadcast capabilities, better video quality, and minimal shutter interruption, for the best viewing pleasures.

– The ability to view live and external modes simultaneously, so you can take images, while seeing what you have done in the past on the camera at the same time.

– The multi area full HD video recording mode, so you can record anywhere, in the sharpest resolution; and,

– Comprehensive high fidelity audio, allowing you to capture every sound, at the best audible capacities, when you are recording video on your Nikon D800E camera.

Improvements over the 800 series –

With the Nikon D800E, you are getting a few improvements over the 800 series; although you pay a little more in price, the quality surely outshines the predecessor model. Some of the improvements include:

Much sharper resolution, and increased false color and moire, to eliminate color confusion and contrast.

– Perfect for studio shooting, with various lens selection and aperture setting options, so you can decide on the opening of the lens when shooting.

– Improved focus speed, allowing for more shots, in less time with the Nikon D800E series camera.

– Improvements in focus metering, for ideal distances when shooting.

– Improved overall shooting speed and movie recording capabilities.

– It is compatible with more accessories and software, that are not produced by Nikon; and,

– Better location control and overall functionality, allowing for smooth transitions, faster shooting, and of course the improved resolution, even when you are shooting at the fastest speeds, from any shooting angle or location.

With 36.3 mega pixel resolution, you are not going to find a camera that can produce much better shots, in any lighting and exposure, than what you are going to get from the Nikon D800E. In addition to this, the ability to shoot in full HD and have exceptional volume control and quality, are some features that you would not expect from a point and shoot camera today. So, for those who are looking for a budget friendly choice, whether it is a first camera or an upgrade from the 800 series (or any other cameras), with Nikon you can expect excellent quality, and when you choose the Nikon D800E camera, you are going to receive just that in your new camera.

Create Monumental Images with Innovative Nikon D800


One of the most anticipated Nikon cameras which after 3 years inherits its iconic predecessor, the D700. What makes it most different from the D700 is the 36 megapixels sensor and the ability to record full HD video. Fans of video recording will be pleased, however, it still needs to be seen whether the new D800 will shake up the status of Canon’s 5D Mark II.

Nikon D800 has a viewfinder with 100% coverage and ISO setting range from 100-6400 (50-25600). New EXPEED 3 processor is responsible for photographing and recording together with the new 91,000 pixel RGB sensor Matrix.

The main features:• Full frame 36 MP sensor (7360 × 4912)

• 100% coverage viewfinder
• Advanced auto focus with built-in face detection
• 51 point auto focus
• Slots for CF and SD cards
• USB 3.0
• ISO: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and ISO HI-2 @ 25600
• 3.2 “LCD screen
• EXPEED 3 processor
• Video mode: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24


The mechanical design keeps the Nikon’s camera body tradition. The body is made entirely of lightweight magnesium alloy, and, of course, it is water and dust proof. Design of its predecessor D700 is significantly rounder and is also 10% lighter. Otherwise, the company holds the line appearance; the body is traditionally all black, with just a little red design element on the shutter button. Otherwise, the solution buttons and controls are very similar to the previous model, making the transition to the newer model certainly a lot easier. Subjectively, we’d say that it’s a bit larger than its predecessor; therefore it lies better in the hands, especially in those photographers with large hands.

At first glance, the size of the new LCD monitor on the back of the camera was increased to 3.2 “, and its resolution is 921,000 pixels. Menu design has remained virtually the same, also, the viewing angles are great and you can rotate the camera in all directions and the visibility is always the same. It’s also interesting to look through the viewfinder, which is really great and t shows 100% of the scene. The focus screen is displayed and the user can also display the framing grid for architectural photography. And not only that, the viewfinder can display biaxial virtual horizon with which you can compare the exact image without moving the camera from the eye.

On top of the camera is the usual LCD screen that displays all the necessary information. Beside the screen, a separate button to start recording videos is added. Next to the lens are a few of the key buttons that can be assigned to almost any function. Otherwise, everything else is more or less the same, proven management scheme and layout control. The only downside is that the possibility of adding a backlight control button with the LCD screen was not taken.

With the excellent mechanical design, ergonomics and comfort control of the Nikon D800, there is nothing really to criticize.

The 36.3 megapixels FX-format sensor and superior autofocus system offers an unprecedented level of depth and detail in your photos. D-Movie Full HD resolution offers all the flexibility you need for broadcast quality video and if you seriously want to develop your creativity, D800 is the best way you can do it.

NIKON D800 – Product Video

Nikon D4 – Quick Shot, Professional Quality


If you are looking for a camera that is going to deliver on quality, precision, and the quickest timing, the Nikon D4 is a great professional camera to consider. Although the price tag is higher than what you would pay for a digital camera today, for the true professional, and for those who do not want to miss a moment, this camera is guaranteed to deliver the finest lines, precision, and the perfect shot, in the shortest time period possible.

Features –

Some of the great features users will experience with the Nikon D4 include:

– 10/11 Frames per second continuous shooting, for up to 150 frames (in FX quality).

– A CMOS sensor, with 16.2 mega pixel quality, for precise shots, and up close views.

– Full 1080p HD broadcast, for exceptional video quality on a camera.

– The ability to view simultaneous live views on external monitors.

– The ability to record uncompressed videos through the use of an HDMI terminal port; and,

– Multi area mode view, allowing users to crop video, and create a truly stunning experience in video.

-Auto, ISO 100-25600 (expands to 50-409600)

Speed and precision –

With the Nikon D4, you have the quickest shot, and continuous shooting capabilities, along with the finest and crispest shots, with each snap. With 16.2 mega pixels, you are not going to get a better shot, and with the capabilities of shooting 10/11 frames per second, you are not going to miss one angle, or one second when it comes to capturing continual shots. And, with a 3D color matrix, you will get the finest and sharpest colors, regardless of where the shots are being taken, or what angles the shots are being taken from.

Efficient work capacity –

The Nikon D4 is designed with efficiency in mind, for the professional photographer, trying to capture the world class shot, without having to continually stop to reload and capture an image. You can easily adjust the AF mode, without having to leave the viewfinder, in order to change shooting capacities, and with a new joystick selector in place, you can quickly jump to the screen or mode that you want to shoot in, without having to move the camera from where it is, in order to get the exceptional shot that you are trying to capture. Whether you are working a wedding venue, or taking family portraits, the camera is going to allow for quick and easy workflow, and is going to allow you to adjust angles, viewing capabilities, and the style of shooting, without having to remove the Nikon D4 from your eye when shooting.

With great speeds, exceptional color quality, and the highest HD capabilities, this Nikon D4 is truly a camera for the professional, that wants the best quality shot, every time they load to take a picture. And, with the reliable name and well known name in Nikon, you can expect nothing short of perfection. Although it does carry a higher price tag than some would like to pay, for the true professional and perfectionist, the Nikon D4 is a camera that you will love to own and work with.

Nikon D4 Official Product Video