The Nikon D3500 Review: All you need to make a difference in photography

The D-3500 is one of the best DSLR cameras by Nikon and offers a wide range of great features as compared to its predecessor, the D-3400. Being an entry-level-camera, the D-3500 is designed for those new to photography and also the professional DSLR hobbyists. It is available in two types. One with the lens has a focal range of 18mm to 55mm and the other with two lenses having a focal range of 70mm to 300mm and 18mm to 55mm. The camera was released on the market in August 2018 and is all newbie photographers need to better their photographic skills.


• Lenses: Nikon F-mount (Interchangeable)
• Type: DSLF (Digital Single-Lens-Reflex)
• Sensors: 24.2 Megapixels (MP)
• Constant Shooting : 5 frames-per-second (fps)
• Screen: Fixed display, 3.0 In, 921K dots
• Battery: Li-Ion (Nikon EN-EL14a)
• Connectivity: Bluetooth
• ISO / ASA range: 100 to 25600 
• Video: 1080p (Full HD)
• Auto-focus : AF, 11point

Features and Design

As compared to a mirrorless camera, the D3500 by Nikon is thicker and sturdier. Its great thickness is due to the incorporation of the powerful lenses and also the optical viewfinder. For a DSLF, it is incredibly smaller and commendable. It is also lighter than its predecessor. But it is thicker on the grip. This is probably because of the huge lenses. The size of the grip, unlike D3400, makes it fit on the hands perfectly and balances the camera especially when working with heavier or longer lenses.

It is 30g lighter and 6mm smaller in depth as compared to D3400. More specifically, it weighs 0.871 pounds (i.e. 395 grams) and measures 124 x 97 x 69.5mm in size. The camera is similar in design with Nikon D-5600. Most of the features are also the same. For instance, the sensors and the video resolution. Also, the size is exactly the same. But you may want to choose the D3500 due to its lightness and long battery life.

The camera can take about 1550 shots before draining the battery. It is also easier to carry anywhere since the lenses are collapsible.


This camera is pretty good when it comes to shooting due to the continuous speed of 5fps. Actually, it has the capacity to capture about one hundred images in a single continuous shot. However, it is not recommended for fast moving activities like sports. Most mirrorless cameras can be faster in this situation if the only speed needs to be a necessity.

The exposure is perfect and avoids showing dark spots on the camera. The white balance is automatic and also okay. In live-view-mode, most cheap DSLR cameras work in contrast autofocus when utilizing the rear screen. This makes them a bit slower. With, the problem is fixed in. The Nikon D3500 works perfectly due to the AFP kit lens and shows no signs of these problems. It is made quieter and much faster when working in Live-View mode.
The optical viewfinder is clear. It is also nice and gives color in high accuracy.

Video and Image Quality

The output quality of this type of camera is higher than most people would expect. The sensor is excellent having over 24 megapixels. This does not disappoint in any way when it comes to the quality of image and video. The images are much detailed and can be compared to those shot by very expensive cameras.
To enjoy the most out of these cameras, you need to invest for the one with two lenses. This will guarantee super quality images with very high resolutions.

Enjoy the world of photography by simply purchasing this camera.

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