Own Nikon D3400-The best entry-level DSLR

Are you in need an entry-level DSLR camera with very good image quality, long battery life, a solid AF system and a beautifully compact body? If your answer is yes then I recommend Nikon D3400 to you. This camera does everything very well. It enables you to capture anything beautifully and transfer it right away.

The following are some of its best specifications:

a. 24.2 MP sensor
b. EXPEED image processor
c. Fixed 3.0″ 921k-dot LCD
d. 11-point (one-cross type) AF System
e. 0.85x (95% coverage) Viewfinder
magnification (coverage)
f. 100-12,800 (expansion to 25,600) ISO Range
g. SnapBridge via Bluetooth connectivity
h. 1080/60p Video Capture maximum resolution.
i. 5 fps Continuous Shooting
j. 7m Built-in Flash Range
k. 1200 shots battery-life
l. Body size of 124 x 98 x 76 mm
m. Weighs 395g

Features of Nikon D3400

1. Body and Handling: Since it is an entry-level DSLR camera, its body comprises mostly a composite plastic material. This camera is also very light and this makes shooting experience very enjoyable for long periods. 
It comes with a simple-control design that makes it suitable for use by beginners or first-time shooters. The controls are located in a way that makes choosing settings fairly easy and manageable. Also, it has a well-labelled mode dial that makes ‘full auto’ switch modes very simple.

2. Autofocus: The 11-point (one-cross type) detection autofocus system that this camera comes with brings about a fairly quick focusing acquisition speed.
Having said that, choosing the AF points by the use of the four-way controller and selecting the AF modes the click of a button makes the use of the AF particularly if you are a beginner. The speed involving auto-focus acquisition is quick in good light and the kit lens slightly slow down in darker conditions.

3. Live-View AF: Its auto-focus motor offers a smoother and faster focus in live-view and when shooting a video where the focusing-acquisition speed is admirably faster.

4. Image quality: The Nikon D3400 produces very pleasing photos/images right out of the box. The sharpening is fairly reserved even when the optional ‘fine’ setting is engaged. That notwithstanding, the possible detail with the 24-MP sensor is just nice.

4. Content Sharing: Since this camera is SnapBridge Bluetooth Connectivity enabled, you can easily share the images captured and videos easily and instantly

5. Warranty: Just like many other cameras sold out there, Nikon D3400 comes with warranties. What you only need to do is to ensure that you buy it from a legitimate/authorized dealer.

6. Convenience: This camera has a relatively Long battery life, therefore granting you the convenience you always require when using it. With it, one can shoot to a maximum of about 1,200 shots per charge. 


This Nikon D3400 camera which is easy to use comes with superb image quality, brilliant battery life, and an exceptional autofocus system. These are some of the very amazing features that make it sought after in the market. As a beginner, you need this camera since its very easy to operate. I consider it a good option!

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