Canon Rebel T7i: The Best Rebel

The Canon Rebel T7i has achieved a rare feat; to get even professional photographers excited about an entry-level camera. Calling the T7i an entry-level camera sounds like an underkill since it features enough bells and whistles to appeal to enthusiast photographers. It is the latest release in the Canon’s Rebel series. The T7i improves upon its predecessors by having a better autofocus, a faster frame rate, and features the newest aps-c sensor generation. Retailing at $800 including a kit lens, let us see whether the T7i is worth purchasing.

Build Quality

Unless you want to physically abuse it, you might be surprised by the build quality the first time you handle the Canon Rebel T7i. It may not have the protection features of the highest end cameras but it still feels quite sturdy in-hand. It is comfortable to hold because the grip is deep enough; a rare phenomenon in entry-level cameras. Users need to avoid using it in wet conditions because it does not have weather sealing.

Built for beginners, with a performance for pros

What makes it perfect for beginners is its ease of use thanks to its intuitive menu system that makes it stand out from the rest. Users can visualize various things such as the effects of different apertures and shutter speeds in a manner that those with minimal photography experience can understand. On the other hand, savvy users can opt to use the advanced mode for more features and flexibility.

The Best Camera in the rebel series

The rebel T7i liberally shares a lot of features with the pricier EOS 77D. It marks quite a number of firsts for the Rebel series. First, is it the first Rebel model to feature the 45-point Autofocus (Af) system. I Secondly, it is the first Rebel model to have the Canon’s DIGIC 7 image processor and a Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus.

Great Image quality

At its heart is a 24MP APS-C sensor supported by the DIGIC 7 image processor. The result of having such exceptional pioneering features is exceptional image quality with a good depth and a high ISO output. Moreover, with the 45-point AF, users have an easier time capturing great images using the LCD screen and through the viewfinder as well.

Other Great features

Here are some of the features that make its performance exceptional.

● Can take quality images through the flicker of vapor, LED and fluorescent lighting often found in restaurants, gyms, auditoriums, arenas and other public spaces to prevent random off-color or underexposed shots or at fast shutter speeds.

● With a lens profile installed, you get auto lens aberration correction for vignetting, distortion and diffraction, and lateral color fringes. 

● HDR and time-lapse movies.

● NFC.

● Electronic movie stabilization.

● WiFi.

● Bluetooth.


The Canon Rebel T7i specifications go beyond what anyone would expect from an entry-level DSLR. With 45 autofocus points, a 24.2 megapixel sensor, and 6 frames per second shooting, you should except nothing short of great quality shooting. It has also managed to impress even the professional photographers given that it has a build and quality close to that of high-end cameras and also comes at a fair price.

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