Canon 7D Mark II Review – Unleash the Photographer in You


The Canon 7D Mark II is an upgraded version of the EOS 7D. The new version comes with many improved features to help users to enjoy both worlds. They can use 7D Mark II under water, for sports, actions, and even for wildlife. Both EOS 7D and Mar II share some similar features. In the new model, you can expect some improvements in built quality and performance. Also, you are going to appreciate the price of Mark II. It is affordable. With this new version, there will be Dual 6 DIGIC processors, AF Dual Pixel CMOS, advanced video features, 65-pt. AF system, and improved build quality. All these features have gathered appreciation from most of its users.

Key Features

You will find improvements in many areas. The autofocus system is better than the previous one. It has 65 AF points. The better autofocus makes it a good choice for teleconverters. Also, it has a dual card slot for both SD and CF card. The continuous speed will be 10FPs. In the previous version, it is 8FPS. It features a new shutter mechanism that rated to 200k cycles. The resolution is better with up to 60p @ 1920×1080. You will also find LCD screen resolution and built-in GPS. However, the older version was a good battery life in comparison to the 7D Mark II.

In addition, you can customize this camera to meet your specific requirements. It comes with many buttons that you can set to do different types of functions. Also, the top rotary dial of this camera will change depending on the mode you are using.

The new camera comes with better construction with dust and weather sealing. Mark II is designed to work in terrible and adverse conditions. The mirror mechanism is also improved. It is redesigned to resemble closely the 1D X’s systems. This version has a motor to directly move the mirror instead of relying on the springs. As the result, there will be less vibration in the mirror.

Mark II features extra processing horsepower. It will enable the camera to record both in MP4 and MOV format. It has ALL-I intraframe compression and interframe IPB compression. In brief, you can say that 7D Mark II feels great and looks stylish. It is solid-built and can be your best companion in adverse weather conditions. It can be ideal for fast and serious photos.

• Solid-built with dust and weather sealing

• Excellent image quality

• Extra horsepower and high resolution

• High ISO performance

• Excellent burst speed

• Built-in GPS

• Best for Harsh weather conditions

• Better low light performance


• Poor battery life

• No built-in WIFI

• No touchscreen

• No image stabilization

• No articulated screen

Canon Mark II is one of the best cameras available in the current condition. The key benefit is the price. You can expect all the improved features at your budget. It has received appreciation for some advanced features including durability, expandability, speed, image quality, weather sealing, and autofocus performance. If you are looking for a camera to enjoy your photography more, you can certainty go for it.

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