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The Canon Rebel SL2 is one small and lightweight entry-level DSLR. It features a vari-angle three-inch LCD touchscreen and APS-C CMOS sensor. Canon is built alongside connectivity options such as Bluetooth, NFC, WI-FI and has a DIGIC 7 image processor. The camera can perfectly capture video at Full HD 60p and it also comes with an external input for a microphone. It is available in 3 different colors which include conventional black, silver burnt umber grip and white pale blue-gray.

The Canon is built with ergonomic features for those who would want to explore more on photography and at the same time use pre-programmed and automatic functions. It features an assistant function that can be used for the purposes of tutorial for you to have a clear understanding of image effects and the shooting modes. It boasts of several assortments known as zones and the common scene and exposure modes, creative filters, and special scene. Here is a performance review for Canon Rebel SL2.

The Features, Body, and Handling

Being small and light, the Canon deep right-side means its body is highly comfortable for large hands. It has a cover over the USB jacks and HDMI mini are lightweight. Swivel monitor that can rotate from 180 to 270 degrees does not assure broad flexibility especially when shooting a highly creative point of view. Its monitor boasts of a touch screen function, whereby one finger tap triggers focus while another opens the shutter. However, it is hard to focus more than once with Rebel SL2 touchscreen without shooting.

The monitor of Rebel SL2 can cover at least 100% of the image while viewfinder optical may cover an approximate of 95%. The optical viewfinder is very easy to handle and it is bright enough to give out a perfect view. The aperture and shutter speed can easily be reached especially when composing the viewfinder, although live shoots avail more options on the composition aid and the information displayed.

The Canon Rebel SL2 comes with an abbreviated version for the standard Canon menu. The menu has colored tabs and a very small title on the right that displays subsection. It also provides very small pop-up flash and flash-hot-shoe although there are no flash connections. The flickers produced by the pop-up flashlights up dark scenes for the autofocus.

The Rebel SL2 boasts of many exposure options that range from manual to automated. There are many options of metering which include real-time metering through the use of an image sensor, spot metering, and partial metering. It allows one to set a bracketing exposure and a high-speed shooting.

Canon Rebel has several custom modes and functions which can be used to stretch the dynamic range. HDR is also provided via different pre-programmed options of exposure and through filters. The filters can also be applied to both JPEGs and the Raw images after a shot are put on record.

Image Quality and Performance


The Canon Rebel SL2 24.2MP sensor can record around 1828 line pair on every picture, 91% maximum theoretical and at the same time maintaining a consistent recording level of up to ISO 1600.


When observed at 100%, SL2 images may exhibit noticeable noise although in very small amounts. An ISO setting higher than 100 visual noises is a bit moderate and more effective compared to the previous canon.


The moderate sharpness of the image is experienced during the processing, but sharpening at low-contrast may edge higher compared to high contrast edges.

-Dynamic Range

Canon Rebel SL2 boasts of more than 10 f/stops. At the highest ISO settings, it may considerably go down all the way to 7.6 f/stops at ISO 6400 and 5.5 @ ISO 25,600.


It gives out the best with very few deviations from the normal color. The automatic white relays consistent results via ISO 100 at a range of 6400.


Using 5 fps both JPEG and Raw formats are effective for the targeted user, although the camera is likely to slow after 10 shots on JPEG and 6 of Raw.

Video Quality and Features

The video recording option of Canon Rebel SL2’S is very easy and there are several automatic functions that help in making the video appear good. For example, exposure and ISO can be both sets automatically, increasing the chances of a perfect video scene. If the video shooting is on basic mode’ the camera will try to analyze the scene and match the settings in order to provide a solution to any problem including spotlit and backlit subjects.

A formatted SDXC can allow videos to be saved as one file despite the size. All videos should be subjected to a maximum time of 1 second short of 30 minutes in one clip.


-Affordable for novices and amateur photographers

-Offers moderate sharpening of images and assure a natural look

-Consistent color and automatic white balance performance of at least ISO 6400

Offers the best dynamic range

-Easy in video recording


-Lack headphone jack when video recording

-Slow recording after 6 Raw images and 10 JPEG image in continuous


The Canon Rebel SL2 is one unique and highly functional entry-level DSLR. It is easy to use and fits nicely on a camera bag. It was mainly built for individuals who wish to learn more about photography and videography. You realize most of the video and photography features can be found on Rebel SL2, although not all functions are nicely designed. Therefore, the more you explore this amazing camera machine, the more functionality you are going to discover. Canon SL2 is highly effective as it comes with a separate GPS receiver that allows the location of data to be added on the photos. It is an amazing camera that will never disappoint. Therefore, grace your adventure experiences with one today.

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