In addition to its impressive feature set, it is the convenience provided by a few other beginner-friendly functions that truly make the Rebel T7 a competitive camera in the entry-level category. The “Auto” functions, such as Auto ISO and Auto White Balance are excellent for the casual enthusiast, because they provide a basic level of automation, while also allowing the user to choose between a few different “modes.” For example, under “Auto White Balance,” you can select between two different modes for warm and neutral tones respectively, which provides for an appropriate amount of flexibility on the user’s part, even as the white balance is automatically being adjusted. Scene Intelligent Auto Mode is excellent at automating (and correcting) the exposure and enhancement settings, regardless of lighting environment. Creative Auto integrates the convenience of automating all the basic settings, while also providing on-screen guides in order to pilot the user if they want to tweak those settings. Finally, the Rebel T7’s comprehensive on-screen feature guide, which lists and explains every function and setting in the camera, is an invaluable resource for learning and mastering the Rebel T7 specifically, and DSLRs in general.

The Rebel T7 is one of Canon’s lowest-priced DSLRs at the moment, and that makes it an incredible value. Moreover, a majority of the enthusiast and high-end lenses, flash mounts, and other accessories in Canon’s repertoire are made to be used with nearly all of their DSLRs. This makes the Rebel T7 a cost-efficient way to buy into one of the most exhaustive camera systems in the world of digital photography. It lacks fancier features like a touchscreen or 4K video capture (which more expensive models, such as the Rebel SL3 can boast of), but nails the fundamentals. The solid performance, beginner-friendly features, and Canon’s lasting support network together make the Rebel T7 the perfect camera for someone buying their first DSLR.

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