Canon EOS RP – The Best Budget Full-Frame Camera

Canon is at the top of camera game for over 80-years, and one of their newest products EOS RP shows why. This camera became the cheapest full-frame camera in history. Do not be put off by the word “cheap”, as this product offers one of the best cost-to-value ratios on the whole market. But what exactly makes Canon EOS RP so good? First of all, its design. It is one of the lightest and smallest full-frame camera out there, and it is really convenient if you are tired of carrying large and heavy cameras. Photography should not be interrupted by such factors like neck strain from carrying a camera. In addition, all the settings were placed carefully with a lot of thought in it. As a result, the small body of EOS RP does not make it difficult to use it.

It is far from all what makes this product one of the bests in its category. Knowing the price point of this camera, which is about $1.300, the specifications it offers are hard to believe to be true. It is equipped with a 26.2 megapixels full-frame CMOS sensor, which will produce excellent photo quality in both, dim and bright environments. The burst and shutter speeds of Canon EOS RP are also great for the price. 5fps for the former, and 30sec. to 1/4,000 accordingly.

Furthermore, this camera has Canon’s Dual Pixel Autofocus, which must be one of the best autofocus technologies in the camera market. It works even better than you are expecting, and it results in autofocus that is accurate, quick, and stable. One of the most impressing things talking about the autofocus of EOS RP is that it supposedly can work as intended in very dark environments of -5 EV.

To continue, cameras these days have to be suited to record quality video, and this camera does exactly that. With a 1,7x crop, it can film 4K resolution video at 24 frames per second. If you want 1080p video, you can record it at 60 frames per second. Unfortunately, filming at 4K, Dual Pixel Autofocus is not available to use. It is one of a few little drawbacks that this camera has.

The screen of this camera is 3.0 inches in diameter and has an astonishing tilting touchscreen of 1.04 million dots. Such quality screens are a rare find in cameras of this price point, but it is not all. Canon EOS RP weighs a mere 1.07 pounds and is only 5.22 x 3.35 x 2.76 (WxHxD) in dimensions. Packing up so much power and features into such a small frame is a fascinating engineering feat by Canon.

The only noticeable disadvantage of this camera is that its battery can last for only 250 shots, which is less than would be desirable. If you are planning to go on long walks and take a lot of pictures, a weak battery like this can present itself as an annoying problem. In brief, Canon with their newest EOS RP has shown the world again why they are dominating the camera industry. It is a light, small, full-frame camera, which offers hard to match value for its price.

A summarized Review of Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera

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The EOS R is the first Canon’s mirrorless camera success in the market. It boasts of several features including full-frame 30.3MP CMOS AF as well as a phase-difference detection system. This enables it to have 5,655 focus positions, covering 100% of the frame vertically and 88% horizontally. If you want to capture videos, this camera has great video recording capabilities as well. With the ability to record externally at 4:2:2 10-bit using REC. 2020 and internally at 4:2:0 8-bit using Rec. 709 color space, you can record longer moment with ease. Along with ISO range of 100-40,000, this camera also features a 12-pin connection and can shoot well at low-light thanks to its autofocus that can be set to as low as -6EV.

Here are more features of Canon EOS R


The EOS R has a Dual Pixel CMOS AF autofocus system, which means there is a phase detection focusing. Besides, it boasts of 5,655 AF positions. These are customizable and cover 88% of the frame horizontally and 100% vertically. Canon claims that the EOS R’S AF system can autofocus down to -6EV, meaning that it can focus in near darkness areas. What’s more, the Digic 8 processing engine makes it one of the world’s fastest AF system.


The full-frame CMOS sensor has an excellent pixel pitch of 5.36 by 5.36um and a pixel count of 30.3MP. This is similar pixel count to some of the industry great cameras such as Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.
Canon paired the Digic 8 processing engine with the R’s sensor. Together, they enable this camera to have a sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 40,000.

Continuous shooting

The EOS R has a supreme continuous shooting rate of 8fps when set in One-shot AF mode. However, this rate drops to 5fps with continuous focusing. When set in AF tracking priority mode, this rate drops further to 3fps. At 8fps, the buffer allows 78 C-Raw images, 47 raw files, or 100 JPEGS to be recorded in a single burst.


The Canon EOS R is 4K enabled at 23.98p and 29.97p in NTC or 24p or 25p in PAL. However, this results to 1.7x crop, which is quite low. You can shoot full HD videos (1920 X 1080 at up to 59.94p/60p. if you want to record high-speed footage, this camera allows a speed of 120fps, but at a resolution of 720p. An HDMI connection is also available for 10 bit 4:2:2 output with Canon Log to capture low contrast videos for grading.


Canon offers one memory card slot that uses UHS-11 SD media. Battery The EOS R uses LP-E6N battery, which enables it to take 560 shots per charge.

Pros of Canon EOS R

Pre-Order Now! Canon EOS RP Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera + RF24-240mm F4-6.3 is USM Lens Kit

It has an excellent touch control Offers high-quality electronic viewfinder Great AF system

Cons of Canon EOS R

Comes with a single memory card slot
1.7 crop when recording 4K videos
Has no mode dial

Final Thoughts

All the above features prove that Canon EOS R is a capable camera. When used right, it can capture plenty of fine details with attractive colors and good exposure. And while its AF system is not the best at capturing fast-moving subjects, it has an excellent focus in low-light condition.

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