50.6MP Beast Canon EOS 5DS Takes High-Resolution DSLR to the Next Level


Best-in-Class Canon EOS Performance Meets Record-High Megapixel Capture

Launched in February 2015, the professional 50.6 Megapixel digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera Canon EOS 5DS adds a new dimension to high-resolution photography. Boasting ultra-high Megapixel count, impressive processing power, cutting-edge Intelligent Scene Analysis and 61-point High Density Reticular AF systems, the full-frame camera Canon EOS 5DS is the ideal choice for fine art photography, photojournalism and any type of commercial photography that requires extra high resolution. This highly-acclaimed camera has truly revolutionized high-resolution DSLR professional photography.

Canon EOS 5DS Main Features

– Ultra-High 50.6 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

Incorporating the highest resolution in the history of the EOS line, Canon EOS 5DS captures 8712 x 5813 effective pixels. This ultra-advanced full-frame CMOS sensor has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with the dual DIGIC 6 Image processors, making Canon EOS 5DS a high resolution monster with best-in-class performance.

– Innovative ” Fine Detail” Mode

The professional full-frame camera boasts a brand-new Picture Style mode called ” Fine Detail”. True to its name, this highly-anticipated mode highlights fine edges, textures and patterns by lowering contrast settings as well as setting the EOs 5DS’s Sharpness threshold and sub-settings to their minimum.

– Cutting-Edge 61-Point High-Density
Reticular AF System

This highly-advanced system incorporates up to 41 cross-type AF points and thus allows for super-fast and incredibly precise AF with impressive tracking performance. Extremely sensitive to shifts in composition, the system realizes incredible high resolution detail. The innovativeRGB+IR AF (150,000 pixels ) metering sensor tracks subject motion, while Canon’s Intelligent Tracking and Recognition system ensures that the active AF point and subject’s motion are in sync, for exact AF precision.

Mirror Vibration Control System and Shutter Release Time Lag

The camera’s new mirror control system minimizes the impact of the mirror and its effects on the recorded image. Furthermore, the easily accessible Shutter Release Lag setting provides extra protection from camera shake, thus ensuring the exposure doesn’t occur until after the impact of the mirror has diffused.

Anti-Flicker Feature

This top-class full-frame camera with 3.2-inch Clear View II LCD Monitor for an ultra-sharp and bright display also boasts a high-tech feature that detects the phase and frequency of the flicker, capturing images at the point of peak brightness, when the subject is best illuminated.

– Other key features

include a USB 3.0 digital terminal for easy and rapid transfers to computers and printers, in addition to connectivity, high-speed continuous shooting, Intelligent Viewfinder II that gives in-depth info right in the viewfinder and full HD 30p movie-making capability at multiple frame rates and compression, as well as a time-lapse movie function.

The Pros of Canon EOS 5DS

1. Thanks to its awe-inspiring, 50.6 MP capturing power, this top-rated camera delivers picture-perfect images brimming with unrivaled level of realism. This makes the EOS 5DS perfect for a vast array of high-end applications, including fine art, large-scale commercial printing, significant crops and many more.

2, The camera’s “Fine Detail” mode facilitates shooting distinctly polished, smoother photographs by allowing for extremely detailed textures, fine edges and improved gradations.

3. Boasting dedicated focus modes for different shooting environments, this full-frame camera offers a level of focus accuracy that’s befitting the ultra-high, 50.6 MP CMOS sensor. It also incorporates a flexible cropping feature that increases the shooting effect 1.3 times and 1.6 times, making it perfect for still photography.

4. The camera offers improved accuracy in many different shooting situations, thanks to its anti-flicker function, and ease of capturing fast-action shots, thanks to its high-speed continuous shooting (up to 5.0 frames per second).

5. Canon EOS 5DS also offers a plethora of other advantages such as low-reflection, super-easy viewing, customizable settings for speedy performance with the Quick Control button, and sophisticated movie-making at your fingertips. This camera allows you to create movies like a pro, in camera, without the need for a laptop.

The Cons of Canon EOS 5DS

– The camera’s ISO range is limited to 12,800, but even so, you can still capture the magic of the night or the beauty of dimly lit spaces with solid image quality.- It’s sold body only; lenses and battery grip are sold separately

The Bottom Line

The ultimate combination of EOS top-performance and super-high megapixel capture, Canon EOS 5DS has redefined the professional digital SLR market since its launch. This is an excellent, truly inspired choice for any professional photographer who requires extremely high resolution for their applications and doesn’t want to make any compromise regarding the quality of their work.

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