Nikon Z7 has it all for you – Don’t be left out

Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera is a very big deal! It is dominating this increasingly popular and lucrative area of the camera market. It is a high-end full-frame camera that will that targets professionals and enthusiasts. You definitely need it for still life shooting, wedding or landscape.

Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera has very powerful specifications including:

a. Expeed 6 image processor.
b. 45.7MP full-frame CMOS, 35.9 x 23.9mm sensor.
c. An ISO range of 64 to 25,600 (exp. 32-102,400).
d. 8,256 x 5,504px maximum image size.
e. 493-point hybrid phase/contrast AF system.
f. XQD memory card.
g. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
h. 9fps maximum burst.
i. The video it produces is 4K UHD at 24p,25p,30p.
j. EVF, 3,690k dots, 100% coverage viewfinder.
k. It is 134 x 101 x 68mm in body size.
l. Weighs 675g inclusive of the memory card and battery.
M. Has 3.2-inch tilting LCD touchscreen, 2,100K dots.

Key features

1. Very well-built hardware: It is weather sealed, both the wheels and buttons have an impressive amount of click. Nothing rattles about it. The 5-axis optical image stabilization is built into the body of the camera and this is meant to help in mitigating the impact of shaky hands. You will be happy to see a fine big grip on it. It comes with small top OLED panel which displays the number of shots remaining, battery life and your current settings. the memory card slot it has is only for XQD cards which is not very common with many cameras. Additionally, it has a USB-C port which facilitates easy and quick direct transfer of data.

2. Image quality: Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera has is able to negatively shoot from as low as ISO 64 and this grants you some additional flexibility when in bright outdoor environments. This is responsible for the production of massive sharp full-sized images and with colors well-balanced with solid dynamic range. This camera lets in a lot of light which results in the production of very bright images.

3. Fast, point-dense autofocus: The system is hybrid. Hybrid AF systems typically make use of on-chip-phase-detect focus pixels to estimate the direction and distance needed to attain a focus-lock. 

4. Super electronic viewfinder: With 0.8x magnification and 0.5-inch Organic-LED-panel, this electronic viewfinder is just the best. It is responsible for a razor-sharp, bright and lag free rendition of our real environment. This viewfinder gets disable and enable automatically to help you save power or switch forth and back between LCD monitor and viewfinder with ease.

5. Video quality: The quality of video produced by Nikon-Z7 Mirrorless-Camera is just amazing. The 4K UHD video at 24p,25p and 30p is what you don’t want to miss.

6. Warranty: This product comes with full warranties, therefore, you can always get assistance from the manufacturer in case of anything getting faulty.

7. Menu system: It has an intuitive menu system with an impressive button layout. It being touchscreen makes it easy to navigate through.


Nikon Z7 Mirrorless is one of the finest cameras that have ever been made by Nikon and the above features justifies this. Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, this product will not disappoint you!

Grab your Nikon Z6 for high quality photos and videos

If you have been looking for a camera for use in gathering and special moments then look no further. This is because this article presents you with one that will meet all your photography needs. Nikon Z6 is the one. This powerful camera is very well known for quality videos and photos. It is fair in price, high in quality and comes with very outstanding features.

1. This come camera comes with 24.5MP full frame BSI-CMOS sensor, SnapBridge Wi-Fi system having Bluetooth, Up to 100Mbps H.264 8-bit internal-video capture, 10-bit 4:2:2 N-Log output over HDMI, UHD-4K capture up to 30p, Single XQD card-slot, OLED top plate display, 2.1M-dot tilting touch LCD, 3.69M-dot OLED viewfinder, Up to 12 fps burst-shooting (Raw plus JPEG) and Hybrid autofocus-system w/273 phase-detect points.

2. This camera utilizes the all-new Z-mount together with a full-frame 24MP sensor having built-in 5-axis image stabilization along with oversampled 4K video and a hybrid AF-system.

3. Body and handling: The Z6 has a lot of customization, familiar controls and excellent build quality. It can, therefore, be handled with anybody with much ease. It is for sure among the best handling cameras.

4. Operation and controls: This powerful product can get customized in many ways and is able to have separate settings for video and stills. With this ability, one can easily carry out some adjustments to meet his/her choice and preference.

5. Versatility: Nikon Z6 camera is very versatile. It is for this reason that it can comfortably handle every shooting situation that arises. It is a good one for landscape, street, portraits or travels. This is very important since people have many different choices from where to shoot videos or take photos.

6. High image quality: It’s 24MP sensor has high ISO performance and superior resolution. This implies that it can really serve you well as a photographer. It also has a dynamic range therefore able to capture a wide range of tones in an image.

7. Autofocus: Nikon Z6 camera has a robust hybrid AF system and this makes the video and still shooting results very impressive.

8. High video quality: This camera produces high-quality videos and therefore good for video shooting or videography.

9. Screen and Viewfinder: Nikon Z6 comes with a 3.6 million dot viewfinder. This is no doubt that this is among the best electronic finders found on any camera.

9. Convenience: It uses the long-lasting EN-EL15b battery which makes you able to take many photos in one charge. This battery can also be charged via USB-C. This implies that you can use external power pack to charge it while on the go. This makes it convenient.

10. Lightweight: The Z6 camera weighs 675g with card and batter and 585g when stripped naked. With these grams, you can comfortably use it for long hours without getting tired.


Now you know the camera that promises you superb video and image quality. It is a good one for landscape, street, portraits or travels. This camera is the real choice with no compromise. I highly recommend it to you.